Sunday Set Up Cleaning Day

Hello! How is it going?

This morning I woke up bright and early (despite grand plans to sleep in). So I decided to do my usual ritual of walking to get an iced coffee. Except, I didn’t get the coffee but did get raspberries. Yeah.

I plan my life around running (and eating) so I did nothing except relax and sip some beverages after my long run Saturday.

lazy time

Vegas is an expert at relaxin’ so he gave me some tips:

lazy cat (800x600)

Eats included trying the new Skinny Girl granola bar – it was good, but nothing special for $1.29 hello.

skinny girl bar (600x800)

It’s just like every other granola bar with a chocolate base I’ve tried. Could slap Quaker or any other label on it and I wouldn’t know the difference.

skinny girl protein bar review (800x600)

Trail mix on this fancy Ikea ‘plate’

ikea plate cheap (600x800)

After my walk I made a BIG egg scramble quesadilla.

breakfast quesadilla (800x600)

Then, I started to set up my week for success with a thorough cleaning session. I ‘save’ cleaning for rest days so I still feel like I’m being active AND I don’t have to spend extra time on my feet after a run.

sunday set up cleaning (800x600)

Since it was difficult to cram my clean clothes into my drawers I dumped them out and went through them. I tossed out anything that I was just so-so about.

the ex boyfriend rule (800x600)

And then I headed to my mom’s to bug her. But, there was a miscommunication and I’m here alone. Well, I’m never really alone… there’s always Jesus.

jesus is watching (450x800)

My mom had a HUGE watermelon on her counter so I took the liberty of cutting it for her.

all the watermelon for me (600x800)

She’ll top it with Tajin, but I eat it straight up.

tajin on watermelon (800x600)

Time for Sunday Set Up!

I don’t feel like cooking this week (again) I have to get it together with that.

sunday set up

Question: What did you do today? Did you clean too?

What’s on your exercise schedule? Meal plan?


  1. says

    I took a brisk 30 minute walk this morning. Trying to just take it easy for a bit. Month 4 with tendonitis still lingering.

    I ran the dishwasher and put the cleans away. Other than that no cleaning :)

    I also am not in a cooking mood. I have a premade quiche and a rotisserie chicken so I’ll probably just purchase a small salad each day at work and portion out the quiche and chicken.

    I can’t believe the weekend is over alresdy :(

    • says

      I think it’s mostly that they are the Skinny Girl brand, but they are about 160 calories which is less than a lot of ‘protein’ bars – buuutttt, I don’t remember how much protein they had (so they might be more comparable to a granola bar’s calories).

  2. Sheila says

    Today I cooked lunches for the week. Then did a 12 mile bike ride since my plantar fasciitis is acting up. No cleaning! Maybe tomorrow.

  3. Meghan says

    Oh man I definitely lol’d at that pic of Vegas. My kitty April was totally just laying like that with her feet pointed/belly out. (It’s on my instagram, @meghanke, if anyone realllly wants to see pics of cats + dogs + some running lol :)

  4. says

    I love that you go in and cut up your Mom’s watermelon, you are welcome to come over anytime, I have a watermelon that needs to be cut up as well as a shower that needs to be cleaned 😉

  5. Denise says

    I went on a 5 mile walk with a ziplock bag in my pocket. Why? Because I planned on picking more blackberries because I used all of the original batch for jam. I came home and emptied my dishwasher, showered, did a load of laundry….. wandered around the house then asked my husband if he wanted to go get a beer or two at the tavern. Ha! Came home and watched Airplane and then made a blackberry pie and bbq’d hot dogs for the kids. Sunday Funday.

  6. Angela says

    Long run day. Had 10 miles on my training plan AKA Hal Higdon’s training plan in preparation for the Ventura Half :)

  7. says

    Great start to Sunday with a group run where we caught up with one of our friends who was back for the weekend. Spent the rest of the day vege-ing i.e. being lazy at home after collecting a race kit for a friend. Fab Sunday. :)

  8. Zoe says

    It was an active weekend for me! On Sunday I reorganized my bedroom! And vacuumed. sheesh. I also planned my workouts (kinda), cooked some meals (kinda), and got books from the library!

  9. Tara says

    it was a GORGEOUS weekend here in Boston, so I spent as much time outside having fun as I could. Friday after work went for a run with a friend at Castle Island. Sat did a PiYo workout then a 2 mile walk w/my pups. Did my meal plan, food shopping then Sat night grilled and chilled outback with a fire. Sunday 3mile run w/my pup then hit the beach for 7 glorious and fun packed hours with my sister/niece.

    have a good week.

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