I get a lot of questions and see a lot of searches on RER about my wedding. So, I made this page to show the most popular things I get questions on. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to email :)

I’m Engaged!rings close up

Wedding Recapwedding - standing in front of doors

My Wedding Dress: I had it custom made by a shop in Montebello, CA. It was a combination of two dresses I saw in magazines. My #1 choice couldn’t be made with the open, lace up back I wanted. So I had it made.  It was a risk to have someone make the front of one dress and back of another – especially  because I didn’t get to see it until it was done (!) but it turned out perfect.

wedding walk down aisle

Mermaid cut, lace overlay and a deep lace up back. I also had removable sleeves made. I was supposed to wear the sleeves for the ceremony and pictures, and could remove them if I wanted to dance. But, I forgot them at the rental house and we didn’t have time to go back (we were already very late). Agh. It still hurts to remember that part, because I did not want a sleeveless dress – I was adamant about that.

wedding walk down aisle 2

back of my dress

So a few days after the wedding I put my dress back on with the sleeves to show my grandma. She wasn’t able to attend because of health and mobility issues. You can see my visit to her in my dress dress with sleeves

wedding dress with sleeves 2

wedding dress with sleeves 3

We had the ceremony at a winery in Paso Robles, CA. It is central California wine country. The winery we chose was a castle and it felt like a fairy tale.

wedding wide shotwedding outside

We chose Paso Robles because Ben and I fell in love during numerous road trips up the California coast. Ben and MonicaFor some reason we would always make a pit stop in Paso for some wine 😉

When we visited this Castle / winery we knew this was the place. It was regal and majestic and the stuff of fairy tales.

eagle castle

wedding walk up

Our wedding day was windy! My hair appointment went WAY over and everything wasn’t exactly as planned, but it was still amazing.

wedding chills
wedding laughing

it was windy on wedding day

wedding walking down steps
on the stairs

The wedding party: wedding partymy maidsthe guysMy brothers: sunglasses picRing bearer
The Cake! wedding cake
cutting the cakecutting the cake 2First Dance: first dancewedding first danceFor Fun:
bouquet tossbouquet toss 2
wedding walking away