Sequoia National Park Visit – Day 1


(Alternate title – The Night I got Eaten Alive!!!) Apparently it’s been way too long since I went camping because I honestly didn’t realize I wasn’t going to get wifi or cell service?! Tragic, I know. So let’s catch up with my Saturday adventures! After we left the cute little B&B we headed to the Sequoia National Park. We ended up getting lost and it took long than it … [Read more...]

Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast


Hello from just outside Sequoia National Park! We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast last night - my first one ever! But, let me back track. Ben and I drove up yesterday and made a quick stop for dinner. He got a burrito from some Mexican place. I got a tuna salad from Subway. I would have gotten the sandwich, but they only had that white bread left (and not even the good kind … [Read more...]

Paso Robles Wine Tasting


Yesterday we woke up in Paso Robles, CA. It’s central California wine country. It’s also where Ben and I got married <3 The birthday boy was ready to take wine tasting by storm! First things first, breakfast! Second things, second – wine tasting! Our first stop was Castoro Cellars Dam Fine Wine Castoro is sold at Trader Joe’s. I only like sweet white wines, so … [Read more...]

Road Trip To Lompoc and Morro Bay


Friday night Ben, Michael (my brother), Heather (his girlfriend) and climbed in the car and went on a road trip. Yes, that's a burrito in my hand. Since we left after work we basically just had dinner and went straight to our first stop – Lompoc. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Lompoc. I was pleasantly surprised at the size, “new-ness” and cleanliness of the room. … [Read more...]

Mission San Juan Capistrano Visit


Ben and I fueled up before our mission to the mission with guacamole and a side of other random things…but believe it when I say guac was the main event I don’t know if schools do this throughout the U.S., but in California you learn about all the Spanish Missions of California in 4th grade. I fondly remember making a model of a mission – it was the biggest project of my … [Read more...]

Be More Careful


Usually, RER is pretty light hearted, but I thought I’d use this post to talk about something very serious… Police found the body of a girl believed to be Chelsea King yesterday. She is the 17 year old  who went  on a run last week in the San Diego area and never came home.  The suspect believed to be responsible is in custody. You can read a news story about it here or … [Read more...]

Leaving Long Beach


I flew out of Long Beach today and always forget how much I love this airport until I use it. I was checked in and through security in under ten minutes! That includes the time I took to stop and take this picture. This is how people wait for their flights in the LBC… It’s nice here. Real nice. One last look of the palm trees before I head back to Maryland where it’s not … [Read more...]

Pack it up


I’m very sad to pack my stuff and go back to Maryland today. My flight doesn’t leave until noon, so my mom and I had some time to walk the dogs this morning :) Then, I made a Green Monster and toast with PB. I am loving this breakfast right now. I hope I can still enjoy cold smoothies like this when I get back to chilly MD! I really should get to packing now – I’ll see you … [Read more...]

Car Accidents and Chocolate


After my great “I love everything!” post today I went to meet my mom for lunch. On the way I a car hit me from behind at a red light. They hit me hard. Then, they drove away. WTF. Did I mention I was in my mom’s car? Yes. God has a way of keeping me in reality when I am getting a little too happy about unimportant things. But, I’m okay and the car is okay. Only minor … [Read more...]

My Big Bottle of Water


I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I lost my BIG bottle of water when we went to Florida for the marathon. I was devastated. I bought those other bottles to replace it, but it just wasn’t the same. Since the colored bottles are half the size of my OG bottle I have not been drinking as much water. I have, however, been drinking a lot of sody to replace water. Boo to Monica. … [Read more...]

Nothing Ate After Eight


I always blame my mom for my night time snacking habit – but she is also trying to stop night eating. She came up with the phrase, “Nothing ate after Eight”. We are both making a rule not to eat after eight o’clock in the evening. I love this idea and the little catch phrase! I know people have asked about eating after dinner if I’m hungry – if I’m actually hungry I will … [Read more...]

Dinner Salad


I think all entree salads should be BIG HUGE. And I love making my own salads and throwing any and all random fridge goodies right in :) There is something so satisfying about throwing all your produce in one big bowl and everything melding well. The highlights of today’s mix included spinach, tomatoes, salsa, onions, beans, cheese and tortilla chips. For some reason I love … [Read more...]

March Challenge


I cannot believe it is already March! This year is really flying by. Now it’s time for my March Challenge. For my New Year’s Resolution I said I was going to make 2010 the Healthiest Year yet and make one healthy change each month. January – Meatless Mondays February – No Eating after dinner Feb Recap: I have made progress on not eating after dinner, but it wasn’t a … [Read more...]

Sunny Sunday


The sun was shining bright for my last day in California!!! It was an absolutely gorgeous day and Ben and I were totally basking in the sun. My mom and I took the dogs for two walks :) I've been in Maryland so long and only wearing two pairs of pants that I forgot girls are supposed to shave their legs! When we came back from our second walk my mom and I found Ben in the … [Read more...]

Night night

tuna on plane

I don’t know how I am keeping my eyes open right now! Suddenly out of nowhere my long day caught up with me and I am exhausted. I am currently typing from 10,000 feet in the air on my way to the John Wayne airport. Usually I’ve been flying into LAX or Long Beach, so let’s hope my mom remembers where to pick me up! I packed a light dinner for the flight in case I couldn’t … [Read more...]

I Fell…Again


I always say that I fall about three times a year. I was super nervous I was going to fall at my wedding and luckily I didn't. But, I did fall today. Hard. (This is the uneventful recap of my last fall while running.) I went on 3 mile run with my friend, Susan... We had just started running and mid-sentence my foot hit a bump on the path and I completely ate shit. I guess … [Read more...]