Running Around Seattle


I made it to Seattle! The flight was only 2 hours, but the shuttle was 1.5 hours too! We had a few stops and then got caught on the wrong side of the tracks… This morning Tina and I ran around Seattle. We’re staying at the Fairmont Olympic and ran out the door and towards the water. I love traveling through life on foot! It’s the best way to sight see. The space needle! *I … [Read more...]

This Sht Is Bananas


This ish is bananas. This morning we fueled up for our epic 200 mile relay race. We stayed at the Wachusett Inn. Tina, Theodora , Anne and I had this little cottage to ourselves. Team Off Balance! Reach the Beach runs a tight ship. We had 4 steps to complete before we could get to the Starting Line. After hitting all the bases we took one last group picture before … [Read more...]

Big Sur 10.6 Mile Race Review


Back in January driving up to Big Sur seemed like a good idea. But life’s recent events made me a little reluctant to go out of town again. I know, my problems are bullshit. Well, I’m glad we made the drive because Ben accomplished his first double digit run ever and I had a good time My Garmin didn’t turn on for 2 miles. Plus I spent the first 2+ jogging with Ben so I’m not … [Read more...]

Coffee Maker Oatmeal


Happy Monday! I started my day on the treadmill at the hotel. But, after 15 minutes I wanted to scream. I used to ONLY run on the treadmill. I had one in my room all through college and would run on it 5 days a week. I NEVER ran outside. Now, it’s hard for me to stay on it for 1 mile. Maybe if I could watch Food Network like I used to? Anyways, I took it outside for 4 miles. … [Read more...]

Ironman Texas 70.3 starring Lance Armstrong


Tim O'Donnell won the Texas 70.3 Ironman in 3:47:40 for the men today! Kelly Williamson won it in 4:13:27 for the ladies! But, the buzz around Galveston, TX was all about ARMSTRONG! Let’s start from the beginning…. This morning the Refuel blogging team woke up watch the Ironman Texas 70.3 in Galveston. I grabbed some water and a cereal trail mix from home. I’m pretty sure I … [Read more...]

IronMan Texas Press Conference and Expo


After this morning’s double whammy run it was time for a good meal. The group went to Gaido’s for lunch. I cannot get rid of these crabs! Who says I want to? We started with bread. It was very cake-like in consistency without being too sweet. I actually would have liked it either sweeter or a savory-er. Pick a side! I got a salad for some greens and vitamins. The house made … [Read more...]

Death By Miles, Then Chocolate


This morning I woke up (super early to my Pacific timed body clock) to run 6 miles along the Gulf of Mexico. My calves were really tight from yesterday’s 10 miler so I planned on taking it easy. It was still dark but, I was going to run along the water path anyways so I was out the hotel door by 6:30am. I spotted Kelly outside the hotel and jumped in with her for a few miles. … [Read more...]

One Night In Vegas


When we last spoke I had just arrived in Las Vegas and met up with my brother and his GF. We walked around a bit and then ate dinner at Cabo Wabo. The weather was perfect for sitting outside. Chips and salsa, of course I had a grilled chicken burrito. It was supposed to be a “healthy option”, but came with pita chips? More chips. Great. Sadly, all the food was mediocre at … [Read more...]

Driving to Las Vegas


Hello from the road! We’re on our way to Las Vegas for the night. As a SoCal native who’s driven to Las Vegas numerous times on a Friday I can say the roads were wide open! It’s common to hit the worst Vegas traffic for weekend trips. I played passenger today because Ben wanted to drive. It’s good because I was able to catch up on blog reading via the GReader app on my … [Read more...]

IMS Arizona Half Marathon Recap


Even though I only had to wake up at 5:30am (not early by race standards) I still cringed when my alarm went off this morning. Reluctantly, I rolled out of bed and did all my pre-race rituals – bathroom, change, eat Luckily, our hotel had a full kitchen so I was able to toast my bagel. It makes all the difference. And I broke the #1 rule of racing – Don’t do anything new on … [Read more...]

One Windy Run


This morning I was supposed to do a 6 miler with 4 tempo miles. But, the wind was crazy! I kept my head down so my visor wouldn’t fly off and just did what I could. We’re leaving super early tomorrow morning so this is my last run in Florida for this trip. I’m going to miss the flat land!! It’s a beautiful day, but chili con carne. Breakfast was a big egg scramble with … [Read more...]

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon ‘11


Yesterday afternoon I got my Chocolate Milk Team Refuel gear on for the Las Vegas half marathon. I was nervous that I’d be cold so I went to Ross earlier for an undershirt. The race started at 5:30PM so I tried to stall as long as possible inside to avoid the chilly air. I stayed at the Luxor which is right next door to the race start. Finally it was time to head down to get … [Read more...]

Best Food in Las Vegas


Even though we didn’t crawl into bed until 3-ish last night I woke up at 6:30am?! I hate myself a little for that. I made myself stay in bed until 8-ish. Then, I contemplated going to the gym. But we had to get going soon so Ben went to get food and I got ready. This is what he brought back for breakfast: gatorade, iced coffee, pizza and a chocolate almond bear claw. Breakfast … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Pre Gaming or Racing…


Hello from Las Vegas! Refuel with Low Fat Chocolate Milk is sending me to the Rock N Roll Las Vegas half marathon this weekend! Ben and I drove here yesterday afternoon. My cat named Vegas tried to stow away in his jacket. I guess he wants to see the city he’s named after We caught a lot of traffic so it took longer than expected. Luckily, I had provisions… By the time … [Read more...]

Set Sail Before The Veil


I’m back from the Bachelorette Party Cruise! It was a blast, but it’s nice to get home and back to “normal life”. Actually, normal life won’t last too long because I’m leaving again Saturday morning for Panama. This month is ridiculous. I’m actually blogging from outside the cruise ship terminal. I went through customs early to avoid a long line. But there was a slight … [Read more...]

Papas and Beer Ensenada Mexico


Hello from somewhere on the Pacific Ocean Yesterday our cruise ship made it’s one stop to Ensenada, Mexico. We took our time getting ready and eating breakfast so when we finally got off the ship it was around 11:30am, which is almost lunch time, which obviously means we should hit up a bar. I am a bit embarrassed to say I had never been to Papas and Beer before. It’s kind … [Read more...]