Resolutions Revisited

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Since we only have 3 months left in 2009 I figured I should finally assess my 2009 Goals and see how many I still need to work on. Here are the goals I posted in January & how they are coming along:

1. Run a marathon (and 2 half marathons) *Full marathon done, 1 half marathon done, the other will be done this weekend!

2. Spend some “date time” with Matt every week *Did that okay until I moved icon sad Resolutions Revisited

3. Get a new job that I love by March  and apply to grad school *Got a new job in July, applied to grad school, but that is still pending (will discuss later).

4. Be Nice *Fuck that. Just kidding, I am working on this everyday icon smile Resolutions Revisited

5. Go to church and build stronger relationship with God *I am still looking for a church around here, but still praying too.

6. Only eat when my body is hungry – STOP (casual/mindless/habit) SNACKING *This is the killer resolution! I am getting a lot better at it and expect to have it stopped by December completely.

7. Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, 1 snack and dinner *This one went out the window for Intuitive Eating, which is working better for me.

8. Love my body (appreciate how I look and be positive) *Made a lot of progress on this one too.

9. Don’t stress!!!!! ( I added the exclamation points for irony) *With a wedding and a cross country move I think I should be allowed to stress, a lot. Now I need to let it go again.

10. Tell everyone in my life nice things regularly *You are my favorite blog reader. (See I did it there.)

11. Dress cute all the time (okay, as much as possible) *I am dressing nicer for work. I used to “save” my nice clothes for a special day.

Now on to today…

Run: I did 6 miles easy pace this morning. It was COLD out! I need to get some cold weather running gear ASAP.

When I got back I finally was cold enough for hot oats! And I had a jar waiting for me icon smile Resolutions RevisitedIMG 1302 300x225 Resolutions Revisited

I made oats in a jar with naner, topped with raisins, cereal and a crushed up Nature Valley bar. Good stuff! I ate it on the way to work (Ben drove) and was wondering if people thought I was eating a jar of almond butter for breakfast?! Ha. IMG 1305 300x225 Resolutions RevisitedIMG 1303 300x225 Resolutions Revisited

Tonight we have plans to meet up with friends at Chick-fil-A for dinner. My friend, Kristin’s husband’s work is doing a fundraiser there tonight (did you follow that?). Anyways, I am excited to visit with them again, but I don’t eat chicken so I may have to pack a sammie/pick something up to go with Chick-fil-A’s delicious waffle fries icon smile Resolutions Revisited


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    Those are some great goals to have. It is very cold in the mornings now…this morning I was freezing on my run b/c I wore shorts and a t-shirt w/o knowing how cold it really was!

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