Yoga and Wine

I made it to Yoga 2 today and it was really good! I was nervous before I went. I get stressed out in yoga when I suck (ironic). But this class wasn’t too challenging for me and I got a good stretch. Love it! This may be my new regular class :)

After yoga I raced home to make dinner. It was only 6pm, but it felt so late! That time change really messes with ya!

I love tempeh for it’s grainy texture and my dinner centered around this:DSCN2060

I made a HUGE stir-fry with tons of veggies, half the tempeh and a sauce I made myself. For this Asian inspired sauce just mix up chili garlic sauce, Sriracha, soy sauce, maple syrup and PB. It was dee-lish! Served on brown rice.DSCN2061

Ben was having wine with dinner and I decided to join him…DSCN2065

Wine makes mid-week dinners more fun!DSCN2066

I managed to avoid the office cake because I had a yummy trail mix for an afternoon snack. I love “bulking up” trail mix with cereal. The more (trail mix) the merrier (me). No pic because I somehow lost my memory card…I am a spaz.

Now I am enjoying a piece of dark chocolate and sipping some gingerbread tea.

DSCN2009Ben’s Random Comment of the Day:

Over dinner Ben and I were talking about money (or a lack thereof) and the economy. The problem is I love Whole Foods (and numerous pricey, but healthy food stuffs)  but it’s not the best way to spend our money right now. He told me…

Ben: “If you were homeless you would save up your pennies until you had $20. Then, you would go to the Whole Foods salad bar.”

Me: “It’s funny because it’s true.”


  1. says

    I need to ppick up that tempeh. I’ve been afraid of picking up unmarinated tempeh so far because I’m afraid it’d be bland, but I seasoned my own for the first time today and it worked awesomely(plus, I can’t say I mind that funky fermented flavor to begin with)

  2. Ashley says

    major props for avoiding that birthday cake- I have to say just that photo made me want some. Glad you found a yoga class you like!

  3. says

    I only buy what I can’t find anywhere else at Whole Foods. They’re terribly overpriced. I save tons of money buying what I can at Target. They have a huge grocery section now. Then I buy my produce at farmstands or a cheap, local grocery chain. It saves a lot of money!

  4. says

    You are too funny. I love your posts because I feel like we have the same sense of humor and I can always relate! Awesome passing up that office cake–no way in hell I would have pulled that one off. You’re doing great by the way.

  5. says

    yay! glad you liked it!!!! sometimes the times yoga classes are offered just don’t fit in my schedule… but that could be an excuse i’m making up :)

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