Disney Marathon Pictures

monica castle

The Disney Marathon Pictures are in! I am very happy that I don't look half as bad as I felt - you can't even tell that I want to die in most of them :) Here is the link to the full load of them. I am really considering buying this one, since it's in front of the castle and I was smiling and all... I was still feeling good and this point, I thought I was making great time. … [Read more...]

Needed: More Protein


I think I may need more protein in my little Mexican life. For some reason my taste-buds lean towards carbs - not protein, so balancing Intuitive Eating with my nutritional needs is going to take some work. I have been really trying to listen to my body, but the last few afternoons (pre and post-vacation/marathon) I've gotten really snacky after lunch. I find myself grabbing … [Read more...]

Marathon Recovery


I am still recovering from the marathon, so I'm not sure if the different body aches are illness or mary related. One thing I do know is milk based hot chocolate was a bad idea last night since I am coughing up things that shouldn't be discussed in public. The week after a marathon is called Zero Week. Hal Hidgon has a great breakdown of exactly what you should do (or not … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday – Part II


Welcome to the second Mexican Meatless Monday! You guys know I love easy recipes and this is another one of my classics :) Tonight for dinner I made Easy Black Bean Soup (see I even added easy in the name). The soup only requires four ingredients plus chips and cheese for topping. Ingredients: can of refried black beans, vegetable broth, jar of salsa and frozen veggies. … [Read more...]