It Clicked!


I don't know how or when exactly, but I feel like this whole intuitive eating thing has finally "clicked" for me. My system was so "off" for so long it took awhile for me to get to know my hunger signals. Yesterday I realized (more than once) when I was hungry and full. I know new born babies know when they're hungry and it's not that impressive, but I'm happy to be able to … [Read more...]

Just Brussels


After a bit of a snacky afternoon all I wanted for dinner was a big plate of roasted brussel sprouts. No, I'm not lying. I like them that much! Between blogging and cleaning I had some cereal and a small piece of boxed cake this afternoon. I must have ate something else to still be this full, but I don't remember now... I made Ben chicken parm for dinner. I'm so proud of … [Read more...]