It’s a Wrap! I mean Wrapper!

I kinda cheated on my No Eating After Dinner rule because I planned dinner to be very snacky. So, it ended up feeling like I was eating after dinner! But, I can only show you wrappers because my camera completely ate all the pictures I took today. Boo :( I really need a new camera, but I won’t be saved up for two more months…

Dinner was a meal of many parts, first up: Luna Bar. I hadn’t had this flavor in the longest time so it was like it was new again :)

Then, I roasted up some brussel sprouts. I can’t help but eat the whole pan every time I roast them, so I only made half the bag tonight.

And the grand finale was popcorn. I have been seeing popcorn on TV, other blogs, in my head and really have been craving it. I also have a problem eating a whole bag of popcorn so I stopped the popping before it was done.  Even if I don’t want to eat the whole bag, I want to feel like I ate the whole bag. I know it sounds messed up, but that’s what it is.

Rewind to lunch… I heated up some boxed soup for lunch. On the side I had a wrap with LC and carrots with hummus. I didn’t picture the hummus because I was scraping the container on this one. Wait, I can’t show you the pics of anything except the soup box because of my cam troubles :(

and some Nutty Bits.

Then, I hit up Costco because the cherries I was eyeing yesterday finally broke me. I am no match for their Siren’s song. I ate a lot a lot on the drive home. This is a file pic because I don’t want to dig the pits out of the trash…

I also hit up a store to bring home an old friend – more on that tomorrow 😉See you in the morning!

A lot of count downs are going on in my head tonight…

I am seriously counting down the the hours and minutes until LOST is on tomorrow!

I’m also counting down the minutes until I’m in California (Wednesday)!!

Plus counting down the time until Ben and I can discuss where to next. We promised each other we would not worry about it until February and today is Feb. 1st!!! Anyone know of any good mechanical engineering jobs in CA or FL?


  1. says

    Just wanted to let you know I have discovered an AWESOME evening tea that I’ve been drinking to help with the no after dinner snacking. It’s called Tulsi Jasmine, and I add a little stevia. It actually tastes like a dessert!

  2. says

    I totally get you with the popcorn – there are some things that just break my heart to stop eating, but putting less in front of me in the first place is easy!

  3. says

    Ok, now I’m craving popcorn… time to pull the trusty 100 cal bags that are stashed in the pantry for just this reason. The good thing about popcorn is you can eat a TON for so few cals.

  4. says

    sorry your camera ate your pics :( your obsession with sprouts has me intrigued; i haven’t tried them since age 5 but I think I’ll need to give them another shot!

  5. says

    nutty bits…heh heh heh

    I’m SO PISSED at myself for slacking off on last season. I still haven’t caught up. I feel like I’m letting the show down :(

  6. Monica says

    How do you make your brussel sprouts? They look delish!

    P.S. Trader joe’s sells these 130 cal mini popcorn bags! Cheap and portion-control!

  7. Amanda says

    Hi! I’m an engineer in Baltimore and have been following your blog for a few months. I’m not sure what background Ben has or if he has any clearances but I did a quick search of Northrop Grumman’s job openings and there are some different types of mechanical openings in different areas of CA… Sunnyvale, Redondo Beach, El Segundo etc. He can go online and search the careers page and apply from there if he’s interested in any. Good luck!

  8. says

    Amanda – thanks! Yeah, we’re familiar with the fact that NG is all over the place in Redondo/El Segundo. It’s a bit of a commute from our condo, but we’re exploring it :)
    Thanks again!

  9. emily says

    hey monica… i saw you mentioned that you only cooked half a “bag” of brussel sprouts… do you buy them in bulk or do they come frozen? I am having a hard time getting them each week from my fruit/veggie store and i can never find them in the produce section at the regular super market. do they come frozen? (i wonder if they would taste as good?) or do you purchase them from costco maybe??


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