Cottage Cheese Bagel

Since I’m trying up my protein I decided to put some cottage cheese on one side of my bagel this morning. But, the cottage cheese had other plans and kept falling off. Oh well, I did the best I could!IMG_6785

Breakfast = Cinnamon Raisin bagel with PB & CC & Jelly IMG_6788

Now I must be off to KB :)

It’s always super crowded on Fridays and if I don’t get there early I get stuck with no space or in the back. Sorry I’m in a rush and will announce the tea winner at lunch.

Make it a great day!

Q: Do you go to the gym? Is there a super busy day of the week?


  1. says

    I think earlier in the week is crowded because people wake up from the weekend with big plans that they are going to make up for the weekend, or they told themselves the week before that they would go back to the gym on Monday after one more weekend of fun.

  2. says

    If I go in the morning (around sevenish) it’s not so busy at my gym. I have found Monday evenings to be extremely busy, and the weeks leading up to summer break. Fridays and Saturdays are slow :-) I like it!

  3. says

    My gym’s busy days ebb and flow. My Friday Body Combat class is always packed, but I have a “reserved” spot. I didn’t intend for that to happen, but when you go to a class long enough, the regulars tend to wind up in the same spots every time. I’m claustrophobic and HATE to be surrounded by too many fellow exercisers, so I’m always in the front.

  4. says

    Saturday mornings are always the worst at my gym. But I tend to go just after noon during the week, and it’s so empty. It’s nice!

  5. says

    The gym is my main way of working out. I’m always there. For spin classes it seems Saturday and Monday morning is the worst! Oh yeah also Wednesday night. Although I really think it just depends on whos teaching, which brings in the crowds. If it isn’t a popular person the classes aren’t as busy.

  6. Mandi Henderson says

    I got a 10 out of 12! oops. My gym is never busy.. people in Daytona Beach are the most unhealthy of all.

  7. says

    My gym’s busy days are super random too. It’s usually more crowded when it’s raining out. Sundays are a good day to work out without having to mess with people!

  8. says

    just found your blog through a whole bunch of clicking… love it! i’ve recently started running and am now going through the process of cleaning up the foods in my diet. i think i will find some good inspiration here :)

    my gym is pretty random… i go the local YMCA so the exercisers are mostly families and older people. when i lived in a college town and went to the gym there, i could go between 4-7pm and nobody would be there. at the Y it is probably busiest between those times with people getting off of work. the later it is the fewer people. sundays are really slow – they are only open from 1-6!

  9. says

    cottage cheese on a bagel sounds absolutely wonderful! note to self: try that this weekend. I would LOVE to go to a gym, but the thing is they cost too much money to join, and it’s so nice in Colorado in the summer that I can’t imagine joining one now. However, I did WORK at a gym in Dallas, and the busiest days were always Monday-Wednesday, then tapered off the rest of the time. Guess there were a lot of people trying to make up for over-indulgent weekends!

  10. says

    I go to my apartment complex’s free private gym. It’s small but it can get very crowded just after work (between 4 and 7 PM). I try to get there before 4 so I can have some time to myself. On rainy or snowy days, it’s pretty crowded all day long.

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