Pizza Again

I don’t really count pita pizza as “real pizza” so it didn’t occur to me until after we ordered that I ate pizza for lunch AND dinner today!

I’d like to blame Ben, since it was his suggestion and once “real pizza” was in my mind I couldn’t get it out.

Ben wanted to try Domino’s new recipe so we ordered from them.  We don’t normally hit up the big chains because they are usually really generic and not good.IMG 6978 thumb Pizza Again

We got a deal that came with soda – so my avoidance of artificial sugar is a failure today. Oh well.IMG 6979 thumb Pizza Again 

We ordered the Pacific Veggie and it was GOOD! Usually I feel that pizza places go so light on the veggie toppings, but this one was packed.IMG 6985 thumb Pizza Again

We also got cheese bread and I had a piece – also good! But this was good for cheese and grease reasons – not veggie. IMG 6983 thumb Pizza Again

This afternoon I was really dragging and ended up snacking a bit too much, first with cereal…IMG 6975 thumb Pizza Again

and then with trail mix and cottage cheese and maybe some See’s candy. Busted. IMG 6977 thumb Pizza Again

I’m mad at myself about the snacking, but I am 100 times better then I was a year ago icon smile Pizza Again

But, I weighed in this morning and was the exact same weight as a week ago – to the ounce. My body likes to keep me stable I guess. I need to make a bigger effort to make the scale budge!


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    I had veggie pizza for lunch today! It was amazing!
    I think weight maintenance is great! I would like to lose weight too, but I think maintaining weight is better than gaining.

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    Hey Monica, I wanted to say that I love how you admit the times that you don’t eat perfectly and take them in stride. It’s encouraging to see that someone else struggles but those struggles are part of daily life and you don’t let them get you down. I am also trying to loose a few pounds and it’s really hard to get the scale to move in the direction I want! Good luck!

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    omg yes most placed skimp majorly on veg. and when u ask for extra they add like 2 little pieces and say.. okay 1$ more please… but urs looks like it was showered in green love hehe

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    My Boyf really wanted to try the new recipe too, and we normally make our own pizza, but i was a the dentist and there was a Dominos next door so I surprised him with a pie. I agree, it is good! Much better than before, but still a far cry from homemade!

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    everybody has one of those days where you cave to food you know isn’t the healthiest.
    i agree with one of the above commenters, that it’s awesome that you are at a place where you can take it in stride.
    in reality, one “bad” meal or one “bad” day, isn’t going to really affect your weight. clearly you have already discovered this!

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