Bloody Failure

When I went to the New Harvest conference a few weekends ago they gave us a kit to test the Omega-3 levels in our blood. Then, after 30 days of taking New Harvest we can test it again and see if and/or how it’s changed.

I haven’t had time to stab myself until today and thought I’d share the experience with you (just another service of reading RER – being able to watch self mutilation). Okay, I may be overdramatizing it, but I was a little scared as I’m not the biggest fan of puncture wounds (unlike Ben).

I brought out my kit….IMG_9205

and read the instructions, twice.IMG_9206

Then, I was ready to hold the lancer to my left hand middle finger and stab!

I did everything correct until this part. I think I pierced my finger a little too far down and the blood didn’t drip into the sample container. It just dripped all over my finger.IMG_9209

Blood got all over my hand, and the rim of the container, but none made it inside :(

I clot fairly quickly so I tried to squeeze it out, but it didn’t work. Boo.IMG_9210

Fail. Major fail.

In more pleasant news, I had my first run of mary training today – 4 easy miles. Done and done.

I came home to a huge smoothie. In the mix: ice, spinach, chia seeds, strawberry protein powder, soy milk :) IMG_9200

and a bagel with PB on one side and cottage cheese and jelly. IMG_9198

I also just had some cherries and watermelon whilst cutting them.

Now I have to get packing! Two weeks until this girl is headed to CA!!


  1. says

    Oopsie. I hope your finger is okay.
    I’m not afraid of needles or anything, but I hope I never get diabetes because (among other reasons) the idea of having to prick myself daily kind of squicks me out.
    Good luck with your moving prep. Ack!

  2. says

    OUCH! Hope it gets better. I don’t think I could stick myself! One of the many reasons I decided to lose weight–I couldn’t stand the idea of becoming diabetic and giving myself shots!

  3. says

    OUCH!!!!!!!!! I am seriously so scared of blood- you are a beast for doing that. I was also eating lunch when i read this post.. thanks a lot! hahah jk :) GOOD LUCK PACKING! whoo!

  4. says

    LOL! Yeah that’s a little bit of a FAIL for sure. :( I hope you stopped the blood flow and are recovering nicely. Make sure Ben takes good care of you tonight!

  5. says

    Eeekkk sorry the finger poking didn’t work out. I test my blood sugar level occasionally (probably not enough) and have never had a problem using the fancy test kit they give. Good luck with marathon training!!

  6. says

    Ow, ow, ow! I could not poke myself. I’d have to have someone else do it and not tell me when. Because I’d stop myself right before I poked myself each time.

  7. says

    I was wondering if you were going to start the program at the beginning? I am not sure if I should start with longer runs since I am at that stage now?

    • says

      Yes, I’m starting from the beginning even though I can do longer runs (and have been previous to training). I don’t want to get injured and running long distances for over 16 weeks can be risky so I’m going to just go with the program.

  8. Amanda says

    The trick is to make sure your hands are warm and poke your finger on the side near the top. If you let your hand hang down the blood will flow easily. Hold your tube under the finger to catch the blood. Squeezing works too, just make sure to point your finger down at all times.

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