I Break for Cherries

One of the best parts of living around here is the random things you can buy on the street corners. I’ve gotten mangoes, oranges, flowers and more. Does this count as shopping local? It should.

Today Ben and I scored a bunch of amazing cherries. They are super sweet and delicious!

I break for cherries icon smile I Break for Cherries

IMG 9934 thumb I Break for Cherries

I have been loving cooked broccoli. It’s random because summer usually means salad, but all I want is cooked “broc”. I mixed it with a veggie burger, ketchup, hummus and toast. Just what I wanted.IMG 9929 thumb I Break for Cherries

My brother’s girlfriend, Heather, trimmed our rose bushes today and cut some flowers to have on the table. I take my blog pictures on the counter for better lighting so I brought them over to share in the limelight. IMG 9931 thumb I Break for Cherries

In addition to the massive amounts of cherries and grapes I snacked on I had an open faced PB&J. Not exactly crap free but, I feel better all ready!IMG 9935 thumb I Break for Cherries 

BLTs -

Bites Ben’s sandwich

handful nuts

handful Kashi cereal

big bites of happiness and sunshine icon smile I Break for Cherries

Tomorrow I start a new gig – I don’t want to say much about it yet, but I’ll fill you in when I can.


  1. says

    I eat open faced sandwiches a lot or make half a sandwich instead of a whole one, but I’ve never though of eating an open pb&j! Such a novel idea!

  2. says

    I miss California’s cheap fruit! Cherries are so expensive here! Yesterday I went to the grocery store and they were over $3/lb!
    I’ve been loving cooked broccoli too! I steam it then put it in the freezer to chill for a few minutes then squirt it with lime and salt. Delish!

  3. says

    I love Cherries, they make me think of Summer. I want summer back.

    You are doing well, I spy no crap today. yeah!

    The post makes me want a DSLR camera & many many lenses!
    The roses look awesome

  4. Megan says

    Hi. Your first picture is making me laugh so hard because of the trash can behind you that says “cans” while you are holding two containers of cherries. Sorry for the mind in the gutter comment. :/

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