Steamy Wrap and Roll

Since I have a long commute for the next couple of weeks I need to come up with some portable breakfast recipes. Stay tuned because today wasn’t the best representation of that.

Today I made a quick egg scramble with spinach and salsa. Even though it’s in a tortilla, this meal is still very messy. Salsa in a tortilla leaks juice and can cause a mess. Travel and eat wisely! Luckily, Ben drove this morning so I didn’t make a mess on myself.IMG 9957 thumb Steamy Wrap and Roll


These pics are a little blurry because the steam from my eggs steamed up the lens! I know, very professional.

IMG 9958 thumb Steamy Wrap and Roll

Run – Today I was supposed to start triathlon training with a spinning class, but I didn’t look up the local classes in time. I ended up doing 8 min. Abs and an easy 3 miler. Plus I am taking a walk after work…

On the car ride to work I also chomped on an apple. It was nice to be chauffeured today icon wink Steamy Wrap and RollIMG 9960 thumb Steamy Wrap and Roll

Lunch! I was busy all morning and didn’t think about lunch until actual lunch time – nice. Last night I packed up my lunch since the mornings are crazy around here.

A lot of people asked about my fancy new lunch bag…IMG 9961 thumb Steamy Wrap and Roll

I got it from Costco and it came with tupperware too! I think it came with 6 plastic containers. They don’t all fit at once, but you can really pack a lot into this.

IMG 9962 thumb Steamy Wrap and Roll But, more importantly, what was in the lunch bag and containers???

I made a chickpea salad in the biggest container – lettuce, tomatoes, cucs, chickpeas and a dressing of honey mustard and hot sauce. IMG 9964 thumb Steamy Wrap and Roll

On the side I’m eating a PB&sfJ. I cannot get enough healthy fats lately icon smile Steamy Wrap and Roll

IMG 9965 thumb Steamy Wrap and RollI also have a lot of snacks lined up and a master plan to hit up Sonic after work. I’ve never been to Sonic before, but heard their Happy Hour is the business! What should I get?

I have to walk there because Ben took the car, so I’m walking to his work after my day is done (he works l-o-n-g hours). Now that I think of it, bringing a massive purse, laptop, lunch bag and 48oz. water bottle is going to be a big load. Oh well.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. says

    That IS a fancy lunch bag!! That’s way better than my ghetto cool whip container to transport my salads and empty garlic jar for dressing. I should step it up a notch in the classy department.

  2. says

    Yay for another blogger who eats almost completely out of plastic-ware all day! I need a bigger lunchbox, maybe one like yours.

  3. Maren says

    Ahhh sonic!!! I used to go there literally almost everyday! I would always get the large diet vanilla dr. pepper….sooooo delish!! Their diet strawberry limeades are delish too!

  4. says

    Girl, I am a middle school teacher, so I eat breakfast in my car and lunch at my desk every day, not to mention snacks while teaching. (I let the kids eat their snacks, too, if they are healthy. My rules for middle schoolers’ snacks: whole grains, nuts, fruits, or vegetables. If it fits one of those categories, you can eat it in my classroom!)

    My portable breakfast ideas: peanut butter or cheese on whole grain toast, bagel, English muffin, or waffle; oatmeal or yogurt with mix-ins (you’ll get really good at eating with a spoon while driving, I promise); apples or bananas; fruit salad you can eat with your fingers (grapes, melons, etc.).

    Bed, Bath, and Beyond sells Tupperware with built-in cold packs to keep stuff cold in your lunch box all day, which I use because I do not have a fridge in my room and I hate going to the teacher’s lounge.

  5. says

    I love being chauffeured to work. It does make eating breakfast on the commute a whole lot easier.

    Glad work is going well. Always a good sign when you don’t have time to think about lunch and then realize it’s time for a break!

    Have fun at Sonic. I’ve never been so I don’t have any recommendations but the commercials always make me laugh.

  6. says

    Oh, eating breakfast on the run is never easy. It really depends on how much time you’ve got to make your breakfast.

    OH the joys of Tupperware

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