Quick and Easy

The theme of today is quick and easy. I had 5 minutes to make and eat breakfast so I threw cereal, chia seeds and almond butter on top of what remained in my pinapple cottage cheese container. I actually love this combination and plan of getting more pineapple cottage cheese asap!

Served with iced coffee. I actually made coffee last night so it would already be cold and ready for drinking this morning. Quick and easy!

Run: This morning I did a quick and easy 4 miler before school. I hope to get in some abs tonight after work as that’s one of my weekly goals.

I’m also quick and easy 😉 Not in that way. My quick and easy beauty routine – face lotion and a headband. Who needs makeup or hair brushes? Not this girl.

Then, I rushed off to school where I took a test that was neither quick nor easy. And I have another one tomorrow. I think I’m growing an ulcer in my tummy. I hope this doesn’t affect my quick and easy bathroom breaks.

At lunch time I found myself on the way to work without a packed lunch. Not okay. Luckily I dug the Subway gift card I scored from the Healthy Living Summit out the depths of my purse and used it. Since it’s a gift card it doesn’t break the “No eating out in Sept” rule. Boo-ya.

I ordered a tuna foot-long on their new Omega-3 bread. This bread is completely covered in little grains and I loved every bite. I would definitely order this again.

I asked the sandwich artist to give me 3 scoops of tuna instead of the usual 4 spread over the foot-long to lighten it up a bit. I love tuna, but don’t love the calorie count. Rather than order something I don’t want, I order my favorite and make small tweaks :)

On the side I had chips and carrots. I didn’t mean to eat the chips, but this is a new flavor and I ended up really liking it!

Now I have work until 6pm then homework time. Hopefully it will all be over quickly and easily so I can get back to blogging :)

Quick and Easy Question: Chocolate or Vanilla?


  1. says

    I should try the quick and easy approach. It seems like I always complicate things.

    As much as I love chocolate in candy form, I actually prefer vanilla in most other applications. Vanilla milkshakes, vanilla pudding, vanilla ice cream, vanilla protein powder.

  2. says

    I love that you said “instead of getting something I don’t want I get what I want and tweak it” because that’s what I do with things like guacamole. I LOVE IT! I know it’s “good” fat, but too much is too much good or bad. So I order the guac – then wrap half in a plastic container to take home, freeze and enjoy later. Then I go on about enjoying the smaller amount right when I wanted it. :)

  3. says

    i’m loving these quick & easy posts. i’m all for quick & easy..

    i love days where i just chuck things together & it works, minus the test.

    good luck on tomorrows test!

    omega-3 bread at subway, i’ll have to check that out!

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