Late Run Saturday

Most Saturdays I set my alarm, crawl out of bed while it’s still dark, eat PB toast and set off on a long run. Today was my weekend run before next Sunday’s race and I ended up staying up super late last night and decided to turn off my alarm. Since it was only 10 miles I didn’t think it would matter.

But, my late start meant Ben woke up too and we started talking and getting distracted… I ended up leaving my house around 9:30am and it was pretty warm by then. It wasn’t the best run, but it’s done and I’m not worried about it.

Before I left I celebrated my last long run with the best Fall feature ever…

TJ’s Pumpkin ButterIMG_2175I buy this stuff up three at a time. Best jelly substitute ever.

Pre-run fuel.IMG_2173When I got back I was super hunger for breakfast and lunch at the same time. I ate a plum and a handful of cereal before getting in the shower.

Post shower – a massive smoothie in a bowl!


In the mix: ice, swiss chard, protein powder, almond milk, carrot juice, berries and chia seeds.


The leftover pizza from last night was calling my name and I had a piece of that too.


Question: Besides seasonal veggies/fruit – what’s your favorite Fall food that’s only sold during this time?



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      I’ve seen it at other specialty stores too – I think upscale bakeries and gourmet food stores carry pumpkin butter :) Or you can make it yourself, it’s super easy.

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    hmmm i don’t know if my last comment got eaten or something but i LOVE mellocreme pumpkins. they are soooo much sweeter than regular candy corn

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    I agree with Karyn; I love those mellocreme pumpkins. They’re so sweet they make my teeth hurt, but man, they’re tasty.

    I went to Trader Joes a few weeks ago and was bummed to see the pumpkin butter wasn’t in stock. I think I’ll have to make a trip there this week to stock up.

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    I love pumpkin pie – though it isn’t really seasonal is it? I guess its more of a thanksgiving thing than a fall thing. Pumpkin butter is delicious too, and today I saw pumpkin spice coffee in our dining hall!

    Plus, we have a frozen yogurt shop nearby that just starting serving pumpkin pie flavor! Swoon!

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    So you’re my running twin. Since I was “only” running 10 yesterday, I dilly-dallied and got a late start too. And then it was hot.

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