RER Does The Foodbuzz Street Food Fair

After some down time in the room it was time to head to the Foodbuzz Street Food Fair. It was held in the Herbst Pavilion in Fort Mason.IMG_3246

We arrived right at sunset and it was gorgeous.


But, we had to peek over a dirty wall near some dumpsters to get a good picture….

IMG_3253 totally worth it :) IMG_3259

Then it was time to EAT!

IMG_3261 How better to welcome foodies to a food celebration then with  “FOODBUZZ” written in cupcakes?!  Ahhhh! It’s good to be here.



First we sat down and played a little game. Each food blogger was asked to bring a gift that represented their blog or area.  We exchanged them in a little game and I totally scored! IMG_3274

The plate of snacks on the table…

IMG_3275 Each of us took turns explaining our blog and our gift.

That is The Ravenous Couple and Sippity Sup. IMG_3279I got the Michael Pollan book “In Defense of Food”. I was SUPER excited about it and raved about how I love Pollan, and have read other books of his but not this one yet. I was very happy about this gift. So, I was very disappointed when after walking around and enjoying the food I came back to my seat to find my gift GONE. Boo. I’m upset. Let’s leave it at that.

Before I realized my gift was MIA we walked around and enjoyed a bunch of different delicious foods. I started with the vegan paella, which was amazing. Who needs meat when you know how to work the spices?IMG_3281 Then we made it to a place I love for the name, if nothing else…


A veggie taco with beans! I love that. I appreciate when veggie options have more than just veggies in them :)

IMG_3287 While everyone said I should take “smells like enchiladas” as a compliment, I’d rather be called “tacolicious” any day. Thank you.



Melissa and I shared some chips and salsa with our tacos!IMG_3285

Pizza was enjoyed. Nothing else to report about it.


My favorite food of the night was this Indian wrap. It was full of veggies, egg, cheese and curry spices. I loved it!

IMG_3291 I think Melissa did too :)


Finally, it was time for dessert!

IMG_3268 I had been planning on devouring these cupcakes since we arrived…


But, I had to wait a little longer since the Food Network was there filming. The cupcakes where made by Mission Minis and the network is filming something for Cupcake Wars. In case anyone cares, I just came up with a name for my cooking show. Just saying.IMG_3301 It was cool to see the cameras following them around.

IMG_3299 And everyone clamoring to get in front of the cameras when it came time to dig in.



But, no one wanted to take the first cupcake! Finally one brave soul decided to go for it. I wish I knew who this was… he’s my hero.IMG_3302

I had one of each kind of cupcake. The pumpkin flavor was AMAZE.IMG_3269

But, we all know I come for the ice cream!

IMG_3294 Organic Brown Sugar Banana Ice Cream to be exact.


There was also a toffee flavor I tried. Real ice cream is so good, but my heart and taste buds belong to fro-yo. Growing up my mom would take us to fro-yo to celebrate accomplishments or down our sorrows, so it’s a comfort food thing I think :)

IMG_3295 Someone, who I will now say is smarter than anyone else I know, asked to have a scoop of ice cream put in their vanilla beer. Yes, they are smarter then you. But, that’s okay. Go make yourself a beer-ice cream float and just be happy someone thought of it even if it wasn’t you.


The ice cream girls are my new best friends. I can be bought with ice cream, or money (that I can use to go buy ice cream). IMG_3297 

Tacolicious (that’s me) has to go to bed now. See you in the morning!


  1. Dynamics says

    AWE…Food bloggers should not steal. Maybe someone thought you forgot it and will give it to you in the morning. I was happy to see your site was up and I was able to read about all the fun I am missing.

  2. says

    Gah! This is the first Foodbuzz post I’ve read… I’m already jealous and not sure I can read any more!! 😉

    That really stinks that someone stole your book. :( Boo to that. But, if you’re interested, I have the book and would be more than happy to send it to you!

    Have a fun rest of the weekend!

  3. says

    Sorry that someone took your book. That’s pretty stinky.
    My heart belongs to fro yo, too. I like the real deal, but fro yo will always have my heart.
    Have fun today!

  4. says

    Street Food Fare was fabulous — and I’m so glad I got to meet you! And sit next to you for the ‘get to know you’ sesh & gift exchange.

    Though I’m super sad someone stole the gift from the exchange. I was so excited you appreciated it so much. Totally lame of whoever took it. Seriously.

    But I’m glad the rest of the weekend has still been fabulous :)

  5. says

    I can’t believe someone swiped your book. Asshats. But I’ve totally finished reading that book and will give you my copy. I’ve read it twice…maybe 3 times. Next time I see you, I’ll bring it!


    Thanks for the GREAT coverage. Those Mission Minis are the best cupcakes in California; I know because I was there and had six, five of them whisked onto my plate when no one was looking. I would walk a mile for another six, even in the rain. Thanks also to their baker.

  7. Marissa says

    I can’t believe someone would just steal your book :O
    If I saw someone walking around with my stolen book a fist fight would break out! D=<

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