Tired All Day

I got 8+ hours of sleep last night, but was still tired all day Sad smile 

I’m hoping it’s just because of “girl stuff” and not because I’m getting sick. I have big plans for this weekend (like, a little thing called a half marathon!) so I cannot get sick. All I know is I desperately wanted to fall asleep ALL DAY. I made myself drink coffee around noon and it did nothing to help. Then, I took a sublingual B-12. Still felt like nodding off. Boo.

My charge-me-up lunch was a massive salad and multigrain Pringles. I almost always use hummustard dressing with veggie burger salads and TJ’s peanut dressing with chickpea salads.


I wanted something sweet on the side and broke out this Pure bar as dessert. It’s not a brownie. I know they wrote “brownie” on the wrapper two times, but it’s NOT a brownie. For $2.00 if you say the B word you better deliver. Just sayin.


Mid-afternoon I had the world’s best yogurt a.k.a Chobani Pineapple and an apple. It was so exciting I forgot to take a picture.

I love grainy, chewy foods – give me chewy granola, granola bars and thick chewy cookies any day! (No seriously, give them to me.)

So, I think that’s why I like chewy tempeh over soft, squishy tofu. Even when you make tofu perfectly it’s not as fun to eat.


Tonight’s dinner had a bunch of my favorite things! First tempeh and now Peanut Sauce with Noodles!

I mixed all these things up with some maple syrup (which I forgot to include in the pic) and mixed with a dash of water to thin it out.


I boiled up some whole wheat noodles and right before they were done added some shredded carrots to soften. Once cooked, I added the tempeh (it’s already cooked and just needs to be warmed), green onions and PB sauce.


This dish is one of Ben’s fave’s too! Love that we share a common love of an amazing vegetarian dish.


I may or may not have eaten all the dark chocolate from around the gross See’s Candy. Does anyone else do that? I’m really good at it! (Add that to things I shouldn’t be proud of, but am.)IMG_4454


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    i’ve been getting plenty of sleep lately and i’ve definitely still been tired all day! fingers crossed we’re not getting sick! that’d be no bueno for either of us

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    I love chewy, too and I haven’t eaten a lot of tempeh in my life. I’m not a huge tofu fan so I should probably give it a whirl. I made a veggie dish tonight that Billy loved – always make me happy since the boy is an avid meat lover.

    We’re running our 1st half marathon this Sunday – pretty pumped about it. Maybe we’ll be running at the same time!

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    Is it something in the SoCal air? I’m feeling that, too. That lingering lethargy, even though I’m sleeping a lot more. I hope the air “clears up” soon, so you’re back to your mile-pumping self! :-)

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    I’m feeling like that, too, lately, whether I get plenty of sleep or not! Here’s to doing what we can to keeping ourselves healthy!
    I really like chewy foods, too. I haven’t tried putting tempeh in a stir fry yet. Hmmm…I wonder if my husband would go for that…

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    I think its just that time of year when exhaustion catches up to you. Hopefully, its just a little tiredness. Good luck on your race this weekend!!!

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    Um, yeah. I eat the chocolate around the gross chocolates, too. Especially the See’s candies with that filling with nuts and cherries. Blech, those are gross, but the chocolate is good.
    I just love See’s. My great aunt, used to send a 2lb box to every one at Christmas time, but as our families grew and scattered throughout the country, she stopped because it got too pricey. On the one hand, I’m glad because I haven’t any control near an opened box of See’s, but on the other hand, I sure do miss that awesome chocolate. I’ve always been partial to the ones with sprinkles.

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    At my house, you have to be very careful when eating a box of chocolates. My family has this cute little system for detecting the best pieces. They stick their finger through the bottom to see the filling inside. I always check the chocolate for finger holes before I choose. But I always eat ’em all anyway!

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    I love that hot sauce you used on your noodles. Oh by the way one thing I have learned is what i ate the night before always has an effect on how alert I feel the next day..
    p.s I am really looking forward to your half Marathon story.

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