Run for the Shirt

Some people say they run for the T-shirt. I never thought I was one of those people until I realized that I LOVE race tech Tees. Not because they are particularly cute. Nor because they fit correctly (I keep forgetting when they ask for “size” on race registration it’s unisex!). At least my elbows won’t get sunburned?IMG_6819I love race tech Tees because they help justify the ridiculous price of races. A good tech tee is worth at least $25.00 in my book. IMG_6820

This is the shirt from Rock N’ Roll Phoenix. It’s navy blue. The Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas shirt was Black. Like I said when I got that one, I’m not a fan of dark colored shirts, but I do like that it changes up my running gear a bit Smile (Please ignore our tragic patio I’m in the processed of purging unnecessary items.)


This morning Ben and I did Day 2 of the Couch to 5K program. I also taught him some very important running etiquette = You are supposed to pat someone on the butt when you pass them Winking smile

I’ll let you know if he starts doing this! Ha!

I was super hungry (again) when I got home and decided to make a big yogurt bowl of goodness.


In the mix: pumpkin, greek yogurt, Pumpkin Spice Vitatop, tons of PB, chia seeds.


Served with iced coffee because we have the fancy stuff.


I should have let me food settle because I wanted something else and went to eat a banana with PB. Now I’m overly full Sad smile Boo.


Toenail Update! I’d like to think of RER as a place where all different kinds of people can gather to read about the crazy antics of a random girl who likes to run, eat and has a speech impediment where she repeats herself.

Anyways, for those of you who come for the foot fetish aspect of RER – here ya go. I lost another toenail yesterday! It’s the middle one on the right foot.IMG_6771

The marathon I ran in October caused me to lose 2 toe nails – and this one barely came off! I lost the first one the beginning of December. These suckers try to hang on, but 26.2 miles is just too much for them.


Anyways, after Long Beach I asked everyone to guess how many toe nails they think I’d lose. Amanda from Two Boos Who Eat guessed 2! Amanda send me your address and I’ll send you a prize! If you want I’ll send you the toe nail as well. Just another service I provide.

Question: What’s your favorite color top / t-shirt to wear (not for running, for living.)?


  1. says

    The tech tee from the AFC half this year was pretty hideous. Bright blue and straight outta the 80s. But…I earned that damn shirt so I will wear it proud.

    My fiance is running the Carlsbad half this weekend. It’s long-sleeve tee, which might just make me run it next year…

  2. says

    I’m jealous. This year’s AZRnR shirt is sooooo much better than last years! My favorite color for running is hot pink. I don’t really wear real person clothes…

  3. says

    I hate race shirts! The weird part though? I always ask “is there a shirt?” when I contemplate running a race. Then I promptly put the shirt in my drawer and never wear it again… On the off chance that I DO get a women’s-specific top, I’ll wear it…but like you said, they’re few and far between! (Plus, I usually run in tanks…I rarely wear t-shirts to run…and I’ll go straight from tank to long sleeve in the winter.)

    My favorite color “regular” top to wear? I have a fuscia one that I just love. But I tend to lean towards something with a loud print on it.

  4. Ella says

    I love free teeshirts, I’m not going to lie. My friends and I always joke that we only play our college’s intramural sports for the teeshirts. I like bright colors and white, expecially when working out. I’m not much of a black shirt kinda person either.
    Good luck healing your toes! I did ballet for 15 years, my toenails would fall off all the time blaksjhf don’t miss that!

  5. says

    The other day I was thinking, “man, I could use a few more long-sleeved t-shirts, guess I should register for a couple races!”
    I also love tech tees. I’m looking forward to seeing the Disney Princess half one!

  6. says

    I’ve only ever received two tech tees (as opposed to just regular t-shirts) from races. One was from the WDW Half which is so huge I can barely wear it and the other was so ugly (this race has the most horrific logo ever) that it immediately went to Goodwill. I usually prefer darker colors so I don’t have to worry about my sports bra showing through (black bra and light pink tee? yikes!).

  7. says

    I am all about the long sleeve technical race shirts. The ugliest shirt I received from a race was the short sleeve tech that I received was from the Nike 2009 San Fran 1/2 marathon (bluish/greenish…not a fan), but the Tiffany necklace that I also received from that race totally made up for it!

  8. says

    My go-to color for working out or just every day is black. I have so many black t-shirts. I just find them the most flattering on me and they go with everything!

    I love race shirts though, not just because it’s awesome to get a tech shirt, but because I like to wear them to the gym and out running to show off my race! It makes me proud when someone comments on it, or says they did the same one. :)

  9. says

    I like to wear turquoise or some variation of it.

    Even if I never wear the shirt, I like to save my race shirts. I always forget about the unisex sizing too. My WDW marathon tech shirt is way to big. I totally earned that one, so I’ll still wear it, even if I am swimming in it.

  10. says

    I absolutely love the race shirt from the arizona race this past weekend. I wore it yesterday for my run 😉 I hate the color and how big it is, but i love that I have another shirt to add to my running clothes collection which seems to be a lot bigger than my actural clothes collection…

    I told my fiance the same thing about running past someone and patting their butt, luckily he only did it on me when we ran long beach together 😉

    How is running with the hubby? I absolutely loved being able to train with my fiance, and running a race with him was so much fun, though he said he’s more of a fan than a runner.

    Wow that was a long comment I just left 😉

  11. says

    The quality of the tee shirt is a big factor in my decision to sign up for a race, I’m not ashamed to admit it :)

    I was eating lunch while I read this, so thank you for the toe nail shot 😛

  12. says

    This had me cracking up. From patting the runners you pass on the butt to all the “foot fetish” RER readers. Good post! And that bowl of Greek yogurt, pumpkin, PB, chia seeds, etc. – I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten the exact same combo of foods before several times! It’s wonderful.

  13. Amanda says

    I’m glad I’m not alone on this one! I love the t-shirt that comes with races. I just wish they weren’t unisex, the one I got from a 5K in Sept. is massive on me!

  14. says

    Huh, I’ve not run many official races outside of school- so at the school ones you have to buy the shirts. But the few I i get, the shirts would be nice- if they weren’t so big. Big as in long..and long as in I’m four foot ten, so they’re pretty much always too big. That and I don’t wear t-shirts on runs. When my school was having a race though we actually bought all the competitors wick-dry shirts! All of us who helpe got some, so it was worth it along with previous race year shirts left over if we wanted them lol. I usually just use race shirts for pajamas ^_^”” If I had some that fit nice I’d wear ’em though.

  15. says

    Hi Monica, this is Sarah, Amanda @ Two Boos Who Eat’s little sister. Please include the toenail 😉 hahaha.

    My favorite color shirt to wear is red :) but my favorite running shirts are black, but sometimes I end up looking like a ninja.

  16. Kathy says

    I’ve been collecting a lot of shirts too, some from overseas when I can find a race to run in! There’s a company that’ll turn your favorite Tees into a quilt, so I’ll probably do that when I get enough.

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