No Mess Hummustard


The easiest way to make hummustard is when you use up the last of the hummus in the container. Just add a squirt of mustard, a splash of water and stir. This is the easiest “homemade” salad dressing or dip without dirtying an extra dish! Then, pour it on a salad (or dish of your choice) and enjoy! I had my hummustard salad with a Lean Cuisine flat bread thinger. I put … [Read more...]

French Toast Friday– Funniest Person You Know


Sorry peeps, I don’t have a fancy new French Toast recipe for you today. I hope that last weeks French Toast Cups can hold you over until I think one up. Today’s FT was “regular style”. But even “regular” French Toast is AMAZING! So I’m happy Topped with PB, sf syrup and bananas. This meal is for real I did Jillian’s 6 week six pack, but kind of half way because I was … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican Part 6


Fact: A sweet potato is the highlight of any meal that it’s a part of. I don’t care if you make turkey burgers on the Foreman and top them with grilled onions… The sweet potato fries are king queen! But, call the Wambulance because now my stomach hurts from all this good food I guess there can be too much of a good thing? Except when it comes to fro-yo. Ask a … [Read more...]