Rusty Wok

I actually ate breakfast at a decent breakfast hour this morning and ended up hungry for lunch at 10am. I somehow managed to stall until 11:30am (thanks to a hunk of bodillo).

guacamole, it's what's for lunch

I consulted Twitter so see if I was safe to drink a bucket of iced coffee at 3pm and still be able to get to sleep tonight. Emily had the best and most accurate answer:image  Anyone want to Gchat since I’m going to be up all night?

jug of coffee

I had grand plans for a stir fry for dinner, but my Wok is Rusty!!! Sad smile Does anyone know how to fix this? Boo. It’s one of my favorite kitchen utensils.

the ol' rusty wok routine

But I refused to be deterred from my current favorite veggie protein – Seitan.


I cooked it up with TJ’s Stir Fry Vegetables and Peanut Sauce in a stock pot. It worked.

stir fry veggies

Served with brown rice and extra soy sauce because I firmly believe OD-ing on sodium is not  what’s going to take me to the grave.

stir fry

I think Seitan is the most “meaty” of the vegetable proteins –but not in a gross way. I know some people don’t like the texture of meat, but this is a good chew not a gross chew. Does that make sense?

seitan is chewy

I have the most genius protein ice cream idea, but you’re going to have to wait for it. I might hold it for ransom until I figure out how to fix my wok…


  1. says

    I know you said you’re not going to die of soy sauce OD lol but have you tried Bragg’s Liquid Aminos? I had randomly bought it and tonight realized I had no soy sauce (I made a stirfry for dinner too!) and used this because on the bottle it says it’s like the healthy alternative for it (only ingredient=soy). It tastes just like soy sauce! I really didn’t mean to sound like an ad for it, just wanted to share!

  2. says

    My wok did the same thing and I just scrubbed it with some steel wool and then reseasoned it (letting it heat up with oil). That seemed to work!

  3. says

    I’m not a huge fan of Seitan.

    Although, I missed the class where we made it from scratch and everyone said it was amazing. REMINDER: make up that class! :)

    I think the texture is OK but gluten really sits heavy in my stomach.

    To clean the wok, we put kosher salt in it and swirl it around with a cloth to get out all the flavor and oil. No need to wash unless there are really heavy flavors you are using or its used for a long period of time.

  4. Kate says

    Barkeeper’s Friend (which I can’t always find at grocery stores, but can at Target) and some serious elbow grease should take care of your wok — that stuff will clean anything.

  5. says

    Take some steal wool to your wok…if that doesn’t work, it might be time for a new one (I feel your pain, I destroy woks all the time).

    And I am the queen of the 3pm coffee run! It never stops me from falling right to sleep at night :)

  6. Emily G says

    I second the vote for barkeeper’s friend – it does amazing work on our stainless steel pans. I found it at our local hardware store (an Ace, I think). Thanks for the shout out, too – totally made my morning.

  7. says

    you might be able to clean that wok by boiling vinegar in it…then letting the vinegar just sit in it over night. i know that works for stainless steel pans (since i burned the crap out of one of mine). so that might help?

  8. says

    I read once that caffeine stays in your system for 6 hours, so that’s the rule I go by. I suspect the “bucket” aspect might change things though :) The latest I’ll allow myself to have coffee is at 5pm before teaching a 5:30pm class and that is only once in awhile and I am always worried that it’s going to affect my sleep!

  9. says

    I love seitan! that stir fry looks fabulous, mhmm yum yum I might just go make something similar for myself:) I love the vitatop-I’m addicted to those no joke:)

  10. Mary says

    I have a wok like that and it rusts too (darn humidity!). I get rid of the rust by scrubbing it with steel wool and then using vegetable oil to re-season it. I’ve found that if you use it frequently and dry it throughly after it’s washed that it doesn’t rust as badly.

  11. wyldcherry says

    Not a good idea to put vinegar in wok. Ya, I agree with others, steel wool and scrub. When you get the rust off, dry it off with paper towels and heat it on the stove. Then add a bit of oil and wipe it all over with a paper towel. I’d google tips on seasoning because your wok looks brand spanking new. After using your wok, wipe it down with oil/fat to prevent rusting.

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