This Time With Kale

I had an undocumented apple while running errands mid-morning and then tried to hit the books and blogs for work stuff.

Today’s lunch was my same-o big salad with a sandwich on the side.


Since I have a bunch of ripe avocados, I used that for “spread” instead of my usual hummus.IMG_9235

The only thing that beats a ripe avocado is a free ripe avocado. I’m very grateful that my mom’s trees are so generous this year Smile IMG_9632_thumb

I made another swap at snack time too! I’m pretty much obsessed with green monster protein shakes, and there are many times when they miss being posted here. But, I always make them with spinach.

Today I busted out the kale instead!


Everything else was still the same: ice, protein powder, almond milk…


I feel like I used less kale than spinach, but I still tasted it a tiny bit. I normally do not taste the spinach at all. Maybe it was just in my head? I don’t know. I’ll try it again tomorrow and see.


Paired with a Vitatop for happiness and a handful of cashews for crunch. IMG_9240

Now I have some cooking to do – Mexican Meatless Monday is coming right up!


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    I got out of the habit of buying kale. I should start again because it’s so good for you. Although, as much as I like spinach green monsters, the whole kale in a smoothie thing kind of throws me off.

    I really want to try massaged kale.

    A vitatop and cashews sounds great. My sister in law likes to snack on cashews and chocolate milk. Love that salty/sweet combo.

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    I spotted Vitatops at Target this weekend and had to try a box. They are really good! I was impressed with their fiber content, and the other nutritional stats. Not perfect, but definitely better than some of the normal snacks I resort to.

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    I definitely taste Kale in my smoothies. I actually can’t drink it because I can’t get over the texture of kale when its liquified.

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    I too tried to sub kale for spinach. You’re not imagining things, it definitely stands out, and not in a good kind of way. I decided to stick with spinach in my Monsters and leave the kale chips to the oven.

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    I haven’t tried kale in place of spinach, but I’ve heard that it can be bitter in a smoothie. Gorgeous avocado! We’re having meatless Mexican dinner here, too. Black beans tacos and a lot of guacamole.

  6. says

    I tried using kale instead of spinach once. Horrible mistake! Ugh, it tasted awful. I couldn’t do anything to cover that awful kale taste.

    Man, I wish every avocado I got was that pretty inside! They are one of my favorite additions to green monsters. Makes them super creamy.

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    I just bought a bunch of pre-washed, cut up kale at Whole Foods since I figure it would make me more likely to use it. Mistake? I’m not sure. I am going to put it in my Green Monster tomorrow morning and see how it goes. I don’t think I like kale, but I know its good for me. I’m hoping chocolate Amazing Grass will help out!

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