Eat Your Oatmeal


Okay, okay… I’ll give oatmeal another shot. I keep saying that I’m not the biggest fan of this breakfast, but I made Ben a batch yesterday and I was really good! So, today I listened to this man and made some for myself. The good news is, if I don’t like oats – my cat will help me out. Cat face in my oats… Cat feet in my food… In my defense, it is very cold in … [Read more...]

Easy Chile Rellenos Recipe


Is it getting redundant that I put “easy” in front of every recipe I make? I just want it to be clear that there are the fancy cooking blogs of the world and then there’s RER. You won’t learn how to make Hollandaise sauce here (or something equally confusing to me)but you may want to stick around anyways, because it’s… Mexican Meatless Monday! Today I’m making Chile … [Read more...]

BodyBugg Initial Thoughts


Hello and Happy Monday! I bought a BodyBugg on Friday and have been wearing it since late that night. For those that don’t know – The BodyBugg is an armband and computer program system that tracks how many calories you burn each day. At the end of an activity or at the end of the day you plug it into your computer and it shows how many calories you burned throughout the day. … [Read more...]

I Like Sundays


I like Sundays. I usually keep it super low key and that’s exactly what a Sunday calls for, don’t you think? I like an easy ramp up to the week Today I headed to my mom’s to visit Bailey, Roxy and the fam. We took them for a nice walk. Don’t let the sunshine fool ya though, it’s cold here! Okay, I know that’s relative to where you are, but I’m a freeze ball. My mom and I … [Read more...]

French Toast not Pancake Sunday


Sunday mornings are usually celebrated with a leisurely walk and pancakes around here. But, I opted to go for an easy 5 miler and make French Toast. I know, I know, I’m pretty crazy! French Toast Toppings: - PB - PB (pumpkin butter) - Strawberry Cream Cheese - sf Syrup - anything else that wasn’t nailed down. I’m headed to my mom’s for a shopping excursion. See ya … [Read more...]

Blogging with Bobbi


Today was a double dose of blogger meet-ups! This morning I went to brunch and tonight Ben and I met up with Bobbi and her husband for dinner   We always lament that there are few SoCal bloggers compared to the East coast so we have to stick together. It’s a double win that our husbands seemed to get along. Bobbi and I have a ton in common too – we’re both bloggers, … [Read more...]

Blogger Brunch Bunch


I totally ranked out on a blogger run meet up that was going on today Sarah from SkinnyRunner organized a run and brunch event for this morning. But, after 9 miles yesterday I didn’t plan on running today. Well, I’m busted because my new BodyBugg inspired me to do 4 miles anyways, plus some walk/run with Ben. When I got back I had some cantaloupe and a piece of turkey bacon … [Read more...]

Bad Afternoon, Great Purchase


I went on a so-so 9.5 miler this afternoon. The main reason it was bad was because it was AFTER noon. As soon as the clock turns 12pm my body refuses to run. It’s science. Now I’m putting entire sandwiches on my salad. There’s no turning back. Dinner was tacos with taco salads. I couldn’t decide so I had both. I made a very super cool purchase tonight!!! If you follow … [Read more...]

Nut So Sweet Oatmeal Cookies


I’ve been thinking about an excuse to eat cookie dough for a while now. It all started when I “accidentally” watched Paula’s Best Dishes the other day. (source) I love that lady, but her reckless use of butter scares me a little. Not to eat so much as to cook with it. I don’t mind it if I can’t see it, but when I witness someone put a whole stick of butter in something I … [Read more...]

Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously.


I signed up for the OC Half Marathon way back in August (when I got a good discount email). Recently, I’ve been going back and forth about switching to the Full. I really wanted to find a flat like my chest and fast course for my next full.  I do not think that the OC Marathon is that. But, it’s local (read: a lot cheaper than traveling). I’m hoping the hometown … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Yogurt Breath


Confession #1 : I made out with this guy for the second time in 2011 today. Yeah, I had to take another Red Cross CPR class today because I didn’t take the one with AED last time. Fail. Major time and financial fail. Confession #2: I am considering an end to  blogging about lunch since it’s pretty much always ridic salads these days. *With a side of Vitatop. Confession … [Read more...]

This Is Embarrassing…


This is embarrassing to admit, but I’m headed to another CPR class today because I took the wrong one a month ago! Yeah, apparently I need CPR and AED and I took CPR and First Aide. Tragic. I’m extra mad at myself about this because I went to the wrong class last month the day after being super sick and traveling back home from FL   To add salt to the wound – I thought I … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday–Sink Explosion


Okay, maybe it’s not wordless, maybe it’s less-than-wordy Wednesday… My sink exploded. I’m back in love with greek yogurt (and cereal and chia seeds)  Oh, and I’m also hitting the hard stuff again. It’s not my proudest moment. Sourdough and Diet DP tie for the highlight of this meal… Ben is at a hockey game (totally random) and I am home alone with this. Send … [Read more...]

Fun Food Finds!!!


I had a massage today! It was part of signing up for my gym membership, cool huh. I told the therapist about my IT band history and she totally worked that area. It hurt. It feels better now though   My “everything and the kitchen sink” salads are getting ridiculous now. I threw my egg salad wrap right on top of it today! This is Trader Joe’s Spicy Ranchero egg white … [Read more...]

The Last Time


I had my last easy run for a long time today. I wasn’t feeling it and let myself walk the last mile back. This is the last time because I start training for my next race Friday! I cannot let myself off easy again for another 10 weeks! AHHH!!! For breakfast I had my last bowl of oat bran for a long time. It’ll be a while because I wanted something warm since it’s cold out, but … [Read more...]

Ask a Messy Monican

I had to go to a running group last night, but also had Ask a Monican questions to answer. So, this is me - post-run, no shower. And apparently I don’t own a hair brush… Sorry. Questions addressed: 1. Why I don’t feel the need to brush my hair, or really – practice regular hygiene at all. 2. How long should a marathon training program be? 3. What running gear do you NEED? … [Read more...]