I’m going to…

I wore my Run, Eat, Repeat shirt to Boston. I don’t know if you’ve noticed my complete lack of fashion sense that I try to call “California Casual”, but I mostly aim to be comfortable. This shirt paired with yoga pants fit the bill!

Monica in Run Eat Repeat shirt

As I was going through security one of the screeners said he loved my shirt. He asked if I was a marathon runner and a surprising conversation ensued:

Screener: “Are you going to run the Boston marathon?”

Me: “No, I haven’t qualified yet.”

Screener: “Yet? But you’re trying, soon?”

Me: “Yes, I’m going to, just not yet…”


How do I have the audacity to even say, “Not yet.” in reference to The Boston Marathon – especially in light of their new qualifying standards?

I don’t know, just thought it was super random that my first reaction was confident because deep down I’m doubtful and insecure and a mess. Just saying.

Okay, after my fun screener interaction I walked to my plane. Long Beach is a tiny small airport outside of L.A. It is the way to go if you want easy-peasy. Plus, JetBlue flies out of there with direct flights to Beantown.

Jet Blue at night

I flew the Red Eye and normally can’t fall asleep on planes. Well, this time I did nod off for a bit (after my free snack in which I reluctantly picked chips instead of cookies). But I woke up with my neck pillow 5 rows up!!! I apologize to the guy in Row 11 seat D if I threw it at you.

Now I’m in BOSTON!!! Tina was nice enough to pick me up from the airport. First things first, a trip to DD!IMG_9445

After that very important errand we went back to Tina’s where I was greeted with the best gift ever = MORE Dunkin Donuts coffee from Tina!!! I may never leave Winking smile


And I finally met Murphy SmileIMG_9438

What is it about traveling that makes me super hungry? Because when I got here I was Star-ving! Luckily, Tina is well prepared with oatmeal toppings…


And oatmeal to to put them on! Much better.


March is National Nutrition Month!

National Nutrition Month is a campaign by the American Dietetic Association to raise awareness about healthy eating in the U.S. nat nut month

This year’s theme is Eat Right – With Color. Today’s tip is brought to you by the color BLUE: sesame street

Go True Blue for Nutrition

Purple and blue may not be as common to find in the average meal as some other colors, but purple and blue foods have many health benefits, including antioxidant and anti-aging benefit

This makes me want to go out and get some organic blueberries!

Question: What are some healthy blue food ideas? (Blue Kool-aid doesn’t count)


  1. says

    I’m jealous!! I need coffee SO bad right now but the line at Milwaukee was so long I didn’t have time before boarding. :( but I’m in the plane, see you in a couple hours!!

  2. Maren says

    Maybe your confidence just popped out because you do actually have lots of it!! It’s just hiding under your doubt and insecureness (is that a word?) Anyway, I think you definitely could qualify for Boston!! And I think you do too! 😉 Have fun!!

    • says

      I know! I always think, “It’s already lunch time on the East coast…” when I post breakfast. It makes me feel totally behind.

      But, there is snow on the ground here and that reminds me to make sure I catch my flight back home 😉

  3. says

    Well there are blue corn tortilla chips, blue potatoes (yes!!), and my favorite…blue cheese! And none of these have sugar in them :) have a fun time in Boston!!

  4. says

    Comfortable clothing is the only way to go!

    Wow, is it sad that the only healthy “blue” food I could think of was blueberries? There’s surely something else, but eh that’s what I’m eating.

    Have a great trip!

  5. says

    Whenever I hear men say that the BQ times are so much easier for women, I wonder which women they’re talking about ’cause all the women I know would struggle to come under 4:00.

    I like LB for flying too, but I think the waiting areas sometime get a bit full.

  6. says

    I still plan on BQing one day, too, despite the new standards. Granted that will probably be a day in the year 2050, but it’ll still happen 😉
    Have a great visit on the east coast!

  7. says

    HAHA oh man I laughed so hard at the fact that your pillow was 5 rows up. I could just imagine it flying through the air.

    Obviously I pick blueberries. And I know blackberries are technically “black”, but their juice has a purply hue to them.

  8. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    OMGosh …. that is one (very) l o n g trip. Sure glad it was pleasant enough for you Monica. Even for me …. from IL to CA is rough. 4+ hrs. can seem like days. Have a great time together gals! RER + C&C, etc. …. 3 of my fav foodie + fun blogs! Love your (green) tee. Sell em … we’ll buy em! Don’t forget to bring back Teddie-Peanut Butter for Ben!

  9. says

    So jealous you get to meet Murphy!!!!

    Blue food input – the teal Fruity Pebbles? 😉 Do blackberries count? Those are kind of blue – right?

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