Best Running Shoes

The most important part of my running gear are my shoes. I am not really a “shoe girl” but I am a “running shoe” girl all the way! So, I am always on the hunt for the best running shoes.

I used to wear Asics running shoes. While training for the Long Beach Marathon I ran in Asics GT-250. Thanks to the blog I realize I got them in August and they are past their “Best By” date! Good thing I have some new ones…

The Asics GT-250 is a light weight stability shoe. I have a history of IT band issues, so having something with more support during long runs was essential. Yet, they were not too heavy. I loved them! asics running shoes

I also got a pair of Brooks Ghost running shoes. These are neutral cushioned shoes and are lighter than the Asics. I wear these on shorter runs. brooks ghost running shoes

I have pretty much always alternated between 2 pairs of running shoes during training. It used to be Asics and Adidas, but I haven’t bought Adidas in a while (mostly just because I got the Ghost free in a contest).

I recently got a pair of Jillian Michael’s Tubes K-Swiss shoes. I LOVE the way these look, but do not use them for running. These are my cross training shoes. I also like the way they feel, but don’t think of them as running shoes. Jillian Michaels Kswiss Tubes

The other day New Balance sent me a pair of their new light weight running shoes – The New Balance 890. These weigh about 9.65 ounces and are designed to be lightest neutral cushioned shoe out right now. New Balance 890

I really like fun colored shoes, so I am partial to their black ones with pink!

new balance running shoesnew balance lightweight shoe

I am not on the barefoot running bandwagon just yet, so I like the idea of a light running shoe (without having to go completely naked).

I’ll have to run with these a bit more to know if I really like them. I do always appreciate a lightweight shoe since I can use all the help I can get to make running easier!New Balance Running Shoes

Another great option are Saucony shoes for women – I have a lot of friends that are loyal to this brand.

saucony womens shoes running

To me, the best running shoes are a pair that is supportive on long runs, but not too heavy… Lasts for 500 miles in good shape… and works for YOU!

To find the best running shoe for you it’s important to go to a running store and let them assess your gait, mileage, size and injury history. Running shoes are the most important part of your arsenal!

Questions: What do you look for in a running shoe?

Have you been professionally fitted and assessed for the best running shoe for you?

What running shoes do you use now?


  1. says

    I have been professionally fitted (by my brother in law who worked at a running store for 3 years) and I wear Asics 2100 line. Right now I’m in the 2150s, but I have the trail 2160s for off road runs.

    I never switch between brands, I’m an Asics girl all the way.

  2. says

    I used to ALWAYS wear Asics DS Trainers, but eventually they changed them so much I couldn’t stand them- I’ve been wearing Mizunos for about a year or two now and love them. It’s time for a new pair, so we’ll see what I get this time 😉

  3. says

    I haven’t been professionally fitted or asseessed yet but I used to always wear various Nike’s until January when I bought Mizuno Rider 13’s and love them so much that I am going to order a second pair to get me through marathon training!

  4. says

    I’ve tried a lot of different running shoes and most of them destroy my feet with blisters and just hurt in general (Asics, Addidas, Sketchers, Nike, and Saucony). Yep, tried all of those. The only shoe I haven’t had a problem with are my Mizuno Wave Creation 11s. I love them and they are also a size bigger than what I wear in normal shoes.

    By the way, I had my gait assessed for the Asics that didn’t work. :-( I was really hoping those were the ones.

    Now I’m looking for Mizunos in fun colors but the same style. :-)

  5. says

    I’m a Saucony girl all the way! I started with Asics Kayanos and they were too supportive for me. I have those K-Swiss ones too, and while they’re awesome, I also use them as XT shoes.

  6. Maren says

    I totally agree that the shoes are the most important! I can live without a tech tee, but I prefer not to 😉 I’m using the Nike Lunarfly right now and I LOVE them!

  7. says

    Asics fan here. I actually can’t wait for my current pair to wear out so I can get a pair of the new 890 pair. I really want to try a light weight pair!

  8. Jennifer says

    I was fitted and have been running in Mizuno’s Wave Riders since I started running years ago. I have always been happy with them until my most recent pair. I believe they weigh a little bit more and I can feel the difference :( Since I just got them I am going to reserve my final thoughts until they break in a little more. I should be reassessed just to see if anything has changed.

  9. says

    Confession-when I first got into running I went to a professional running store and asked that they kindly find me a pair of red shoes that would *hug* my feet. They found me a pair of Asics (gels) that were awesome. The next year I came back (with a little more training and knowledge in the sport) and asked for a blind shoe test (they brought me out several pairs) that I didn’t want to judge because of color and STILL ended up with the asics just the next year’s model! LOVE them. :) (even if they are blue not red)

  10. Jen G. says

    I’ve been wearing the same make and model (Saucony Omnis) for 8 years, and went to the local running shop to try a change. I got a new pair of Brooks and, while they were cute and comfortable, my hips started hurting within a week. So happily back to the Sauconys!

  11. says

    I wear those same Asics. I’m on my third pair of them, which obviously means that I like them. I need stability shoes because my I have a slight under pronation problem. I used to wear Saucony ProGrid Guides, which I really liked, but they changed from Guide 2s to Guide 3s which had a strange stitch on the side that bugged my foot.

    Finding comfortable, affordable shoes that work for your feet can be quite the challenge.

  12. says

    honestly i look for price. i am a brand loyalist to new balance though…so i stock up on them and then supplement with cheaper (or rather other brands that are one sale) ones. i think i have a pair of those asics….well i did, they’ve been regulated to gym shoes rather than running at the moment though.

  13. says

    I was a total Nike girl for years. And I shopped at the local Nike outlet, buying the cheapest running shoes I could find. What a big mistake! I got fitted at a running store and he said to use Brooks Ravenna. I’ve never looked back. I love my Ravenna’s!!

  14. says

    I love sports shoes! I wish I had a job that allowed me to wear them all the time.

    My husband’s old company use to be sponsored by Nike and on the first of every month he would be given two pairs of new Nikes and a bunch of new clothes. One month he brought me home a pair and it was probably the best surprise in the world.

    I am devoted to the Nike Pegasus for running.

  15. Lauren says

    I have a history of ITB problems as well and recently went in to get a new pair of shoes (i wore my sacouny’s that were giving me problems so i could show the guy what i was wearing currently and to switch it up) i ended up going with the brooks ghost’s and love them! and they are not bad price wise (i think 90 or 99$) but the best part is the guy at the shoe shop let me trade my old running shoes for the new brooks ones since mine were more expensive! I was a little bummed since i would have liked to keep them just as spare sneakers to kick around in but hey i wasnt about to turn down that offer!

  16. says

    I have never been fitted but did find a pair of shoes that did not cause me any back pain so since I have had constant pain for 12 years I will be sticking with vibram five fingers kso’s. Although I am wanting to check out merrell trail gloves.

  17. says

    I have been professionally fitted. I wear Mizunos Wave Inspire and have for the past 4 years now. I was refitted this year and still need the Mizunos. I love them! :)

  18. Kelly says

    I run in Brooks Ravennas and love love LOVE them. Just a touch of stability that I need on my longer runs without being too controlling. I was originally fitted in a heavier/more stable shoe but trial and error and a fitting from my PT put me in much less of a shoe.

  19. says

    I run in the Ghosts right now but used to run in those same Aasics. I was fitted and they recommended the Ghosts because I have a very neutral foot. I can’t really tell much difference between the two thought.

  20. says

    I’m afraid to use different shoes, mostly because I covince myself the ones I wear are the best for me- I get Aasics 1150 or 2150. I used to get 1140 but they don’t seem to be making them anymore since the 1150 came out. I adjusted to them though. I tried Brooks before, but they actually caused me alot of leg/ foot problems. That and since I wear kids sizes too (4.5), I don’t get alot of options at the stores usually.

  21. says

    I have no idea what brand my shoes are. All I know is that I’ve not even had them a year, and although I’ve put some serious miles on them, I have no plans on buying new ones until they fall apart like my old ones :) I’m cheap!

  22. says

    I wear the same Asics you do! I was fitted for them by a Houston running store where they watched me run.

    I’m a little scared to get a new pair even though I know it’s about that time. I like my Asics a lot but want to try something different.

  23. says

    I’m pretty cheap when it comes to shoes, which I know is horrible! But I’m a gym girl, so my shoes don’t really get pounded. In fact, I have absolutely no idea what brand of shoes I own. I have gone through a few pairs since I started exercising and I always hate when they need to be replaced because it takes me a loooong time to pick a new pair.

  24. says

    I only wish I could get fitted over here…we just have the people that ‘work’ in the shoe department. I am hoping to get this done when we are in the states. I know I need stability, I have knee issues and I need some support. I was fooled into thinking I needed Cushioning and so I bought the Asics Gel Cumulus 12’s….no, no, NO!!! These made my feet and legs go numb after 10 minutes. My legs were KILLING me when I ran with these! Now I am using my Nike Free’s which are not the running version and so I am still hurting while running, but I can at least feel my feet. I wish I could get a shoe company to send me some shoes to test out since I have NO guidance over here at all!!

    • Amanda says

      Have you tried the runners world website? They are a great resource if you can’t be fitted. Good luck!

  25. Amanda says

    I have high arches so I need neutral cushioning. I had a pair of saucony progrid ride 3’s that I loved. Great shoes! I’m currently running on asics gel cumulus and they are fantastic! The only shoes I haven’t liked were the stability shoes I (mistakenly) purchased, they made me feel like my big toe was on fire.

  26. says

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  27. says

    I practically live in trainers, especially running shoes. I prefer country roads and trails to city streets and I recently discovered barefoot running. I tried the Vibram Five Fingers but couldn’t get past the geek factor – a bit much for me. Instead, I tried the New Balance Minimus. Since I started running in these 6 months ago my proprioreception has improved considerably and I’ve seen significant increases in my running speed.

    Now, whether I’m running, hiking or hitting the weights, The New Balance Minimus is my shoe of choice.

  28. says

    I’ve been professionally fitted a couple times and always end up needing quite a bit of support because of over-pronation. Brooks have always offered the most support for me, and now I’m super excited bc Brooks Glycerine II come in a grey/hot pink combo. Finally running shoes that aren’t embarassing looking! Super cute!

  29. Jennifer S. says

    I have been fitted at a couple of running stores only to get mixed reviews. I go with what feels good to me. I have been running in Asics Kayno 17 and Nimbus 13 and they seem to do well. I purchased some Newtons this week and I am going to test drive them tomorrow.

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