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As a founding member of the Chickpea Lovers Club, I feel it is my duty to find the world’s best hummus. I fully accept this challenge and have made it my mission to seek out the winners and the duds of this smashed garbanzo bean goodness.

I’ve tried hundreds of restaurant versions and different brands (including all the TJ’s varieties). But, I always come back to Sabra.

IMG 0495 1024x683 thumb Sabra Hummus

Fact:  Sabra makes the best hummus.

Another,  possibly related fact: I will continue to try all others just to be sure wlEmoticon winkingsmile14 Sabra Hummus

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I paired my hummus topped salad with an egg sandwich and mustard pretzel bites. I love mustard pretzels, but only buy them when I’m traveling. Today they caught my eye at the store and I got ‘em. Now I’m itching to get on the open road…

IMG 0505 1024x683 thumb Sabra Hummus

The other night I started re-reading Geneen Roth’s book – When You Eat at the Refrigerator Pull Up a Chair. For those that don’t know, Roth is an author that writes about Intuitive Eating and ditching the diets to lose weight too. I love her books because they are written from her point of view and via her experiences. When You Eat at the Refrigerator is written in a “50 ways” style similar to Michael Pollen’s Food Rules. IMG 0511 683x1024 thumb Sabra Hummus

Last night one of her steps was “Eliminate the Ways You Gain Weight Without Eating”.

This one really struck a cord with me because this is one of my worst habits. I’ve written about it here, but needed a refresher for accountability.

Ways I Eat Without Eating:

1. When I’m cooking

2. When I try Ben’s breakfast (you know, because I’m not eating yet)

3. When I eat what’s left on Ben or Matt’s plate

4. Samples (Costco!)

5. Bites of Ben’s food or dessert

6. When I’m putting food away in my belly after dinner

7. When I take a sliver of cake off the edge to make it straight – Roth calls this “edging the cake” and says she’s guilty of it too
cake Sabra Hummus

She basically says to eat the damn cake and enjoy it instead of sneaking. I whole heartedly agree icon smile Sabra Hummus

Do you eat without eating?

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  1. says

    I completely agree with you about Sabra hummus! I love their luscious lemon. They have gotten the texture down just right. Also, I think I should join the Chickpea lovers club. = ) I eat them straight out of the can rinsed…does that mean I should join Chickpeas Anonymous instead?

  2. says

    I’m an edger. Guilty, guilty, guilty.

    I like Sabra’s best too; I think the original version tastes like creamy egg salad. Not sure why, but I do.

    Sign me up for the Chickpea Lovers Club, please.

  3. Kate says

    all.the.time. Its like I think that if I’m not sat down, it doesn’t count… but my hips beg to differ!
    First time commenting, but had to say I love your blog, have been reading for months and enjoy every post! :-)

  4. says

    I totally eat without eating ALL the time. It’s a problem and I’ve been trying to be mindful of it. I try to not eat on the run as much.

    • says

      I don’t even know what I would do if you made hummus as good as Sabra.
      Probably – make you the new President of the Chickpea Lovers Club, go to your house and eat all your stash, rename you MamaChickPea…

      Not in that order.

  5. says

    That’s my favorite hummus! So tasty! I buy it at Costco. Have you tried the ones that you can mix in different things to the hummus? Like pine nuts, red peppers, and others. So good.

  6. says

    Ooooh, I am such a cake edger. Unfortunately, the cake (or brownies or whatever) never looks straight even after I trim it. So I have to keep going at it.

    I should totally read that book!

  7. says

    i love sabra too! but i do really like some tj’s varieties, especially the edamame and the horseradish flavors!

    i eat without eating too – my worst times are appetizers in restaurants and at parties with a bunch of finger foods…

  8. says

    I ALWAYS eat when I cook. I think you have to! I can’t imagine serving something to someone without having tasted it first. Tell me no one else does this! They are so lying. :)

    • says

      I’m not talking about tasting – which I agree you have to do when you’re cooking. I’m talking about many many full on bites of the food to the point where I’m not even hungry when dinner is officially ready because I already ate a meal’s worth!

  9. says

    Sabra is my favorite hummus! My only complaint is the weird gunk they pile in the middle of the flavored kind. Like the giant pile of garlic in the middle of the roasted garlic flavor. I love me some garlic, but mix it in!

    /vent over

    Also I’m going to be in LA the first week in June. We should have a friend date.

  10. Rochelle says

    I’m newish to your blog & have been enjoying it so much. This is my 1st comment. My husband is Lebanese & we are big hummus eaters obviously. Next to homemade hummus we definitely agree with you that Sabra is the BEST! Keep up the good work on your blog!

  11. says

    Chipotle hummus?! I knew Sabra made some GREAT hummus but I haven’t seen that one hit the shelves in my store yet! Right now the Sun Dried Tomato is my ultimate fave…followed closely by Supremely Spicy and/or Garlic. Now if I could just convince my hubby to eat the spicy ones too…

  12. says

    maybe not so much with cake but with breads i’ll always even out the edges. and i totally munch on my dinner while it’s being prepared. i hate it because it ruins my appetite!

  13. Jackie says

    Hi Monica, I’m new to your blog and I love your honest/open style. I’ve loved Geneen Roth’s books for years. I’ve read practically all of them, but my favourite is her most recent one, Women, Food and God. it’s so spiritual and goes beyond just food, into so many other aspects of life

  14. says

    I think the best store bought hummus is Trader Joe’s Meditterranean hummus by far!!!!!!!!!!!
    I sample while I cook too. I try not to take bite’s of hubby’s (or anyone elses) food because I’ll end up eating the whole thing.

  15. says

    You are shedding light on something I never knew had a word to describe…eat without eating. I am very guilty of eating/sampling while I cook. I do it so much that it’s even make me not enjoy the final product. Weird stuff, I know. And I’m guilty of edging the cake. Bad habit, but so glad I’m not alone!

  16. says

    I absolutely eat without eating!! I am guilty of picking at the leftovers on my kids plates. I also sample a lot with cooking/baking. I’m definitely interested in reading that book…adding it to my reading list!

  17. says

    I totally eat without eating. I stopped Weight Watchers because I wanted to focus on clean eating and not having to worry about how many point my nuts and seeds were racking up, etc. I am having a hard time gauging when and how much to eat. I feel like I need to follow a plan because I had before. I am hoping that reading “intuitive eating” will help me break the ‘counting’ habit and just learn to eat according to what makes me feel good while eating clean! Also, I want that hummus—send it to me, now!! ;)

  18. says

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the whole unconscious, or even conscious, nibbling lately. I think it’s really standing in the way of me losing a few pounds, and it’s never satisfying! A bit of cheese while I’m grating it, or a handful of dry cereal when I’m not even hungry- I’ll survive without!

  19. says

    Sabra is by far the best brand!! I like the Roasted Red Pepper the best.

    I’m really bad about eating when I’m cooking, stealing off of my boyfriends plate, and hunting down the samples at the grocery store.

  20. Vanessa says

    Hi – longtime lurker, here…I’m nearly finished reading the same book by Geneen Roth, and am finding it very enlightening. I definitely find myself “eating without eating”, particularly while baking. If it’s in dough form, it doesn’t count, right? ….right?!

  21. says

    I get so mad at myself when I find myself eating my kids pb&j crusts, just because my kids don’t want to eat it does not mean that is is calorie free. I have to remind myself that I should make myself a real meal and enjoy it.

    But I don’t love Sabara hummus, people love it but I cannot get into it.

    Happy running,


  22. Steph says

    Honey mustard pretzels are delish! I don’t know how you can eat just a few :)

    Thanks for sharing that book…I’ll have to add that to my to-read list!

  23. says

    I agree that sabra is the best hummus and it is made in the town I live in so for me, it is also local hummus :D

    The bites, licks and tastes are really interesting because it is really easy to do it without even realizing it. Bringing awareness to the behavior and the thoughts around the behavior can be really helpful in getting to the bottom of it.

  24. says

    I am addicted to Athenos hummus so I have yet to venture out into other kinds. I have found my love!

    I don’t usually eat without eating. I find that if I taste a little something I want to just keep eating because I have transitioned into “eating mode.” I have found that if I skip snacking and instead stick to mini-meals throughout the day I don’t pick at things and end up eating more.

  25. Jill says

    Sabra hummus is the best. It has the best consistency and flavor.

    Gaining weight while not eating……….it is the bane of my existence. I put crest white strips on while cooking so I will not constantly taste. I’ver tried gum etc but I just shove to the side to make room for the taste. I do not even realize I am doing it until it is time to eat and I am no longer hungry but eat anyway because I have not been “eating.”

  26. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while but this is my first time commenting.

    I totally agree about sabra hummus. When I found out that they make individual serving containers I bought 4 packs and now I take them everywhere with me. The only other hummus that I have found that comes close was from a vendor at the OC Marketplace in Costa Mesa. The last time I went there I spent $20 in hummus alone. He also has fresh bagel slices and an awesome olive tapenade that I (sadly) ate straight from the container before I could put it on anything.

  27. Lexi says

    For the best hummus you’ve gotta come to the middle east. Here in Israel they have amazing hummus- I’ll show you if you ever come visit. (By the way, “Sabra” is the word for “native Israeli”, hence the name of your hummus).

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