Strawberry Pizza Recipe

It was raining this afternoon, but I was determined to walk the dogs. Enter – ridiculous rain gear. I think my dog is looking at me judgingly…

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We don’t own an umbrella, but we do have rain ponchos from vacations past.

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And a hat my mom brought me back from Alaska! IMG 0458 thumb Strawberry Pizza Recipe

The dogs were wet but happy to walk. Well, Bailey wasn’t. He kept trying to shake the whole time to get the water off and it just made things complicated and smelly.

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I made the most random salad of the year at my moms for lunch. It had everything from a veggie burger and hummus to hash browns on it.

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While there I tried these new to me Wheat Thins sticks. They were good, but not life changing. IMG 0459 thumb Strawberry Pizza Recipe

Then, I went with my mom treadmill shopping. Lucky! She got my old treadmill when I moved out and it finally died. So, she is in the market for a new one.

Random Fact: I used a treadmill for years before getting brave enough to run outside!

I would love a treadmill at home for walking while watching trash TV. I wish. Easter bunny, Santa, anyone???

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I spotted this New York Style Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream at the store. Can someone please get this and try it for me? Living vicariously, it’s totally okay for now.

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Since strawberries are in season and I love pizza – I combined the two for this new recipe

Savory Strawberry Pizza

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On a pita crust: 

Spread a layer of ricotta

sprinkle mozzarella


fresh torn basil

drizzle of honey

Bake at 350 degrees until cheese is melted. Eat!

Since fruit on food isn’t normally my thing I did end up eating the strawberries separately.

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I’m not a hypocrite. I still don’t like fruit for dessert, but I have no choice since I can’t have “real” treats for Lent. I made an Apple Crisp and topped it with some crumbled grahams. Eh.

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Okay, now I have a bunch of Jersey Shore episodes to catch up on!sammiandronnie thumb Strawberry Pizza Recipe

What are your thoughts on the Ronnie / Sammie drama???


  1. says

    lol my roommate is laughing her booty off at the jershey shore nextdoor! also, I think I would like that pizza, but I do like fruit and cheese. A grilled cheese with strawberries an a dash of balsamic would be good!

  2. says

    I think that pizza looks wonderful.

    I honestly don’t watch Jersey Shore, so I do not have an informed opinion on the Ronnie/Sammie drama.

    Does that mean my life is more pathetic than I originally thought? :)

  3. says

    haha, thanks to my pvr, i just got all caught up on the jersey shore drama tonight! such an addict…
    ronnie and sammie? they’ll never permanently break up. i think they’re addicted to the drama and intensity and tumultuousness (had to google and make sure that was a word!) of their relationship.
    i love your hat in your rainy-walk photo!

  4. says

    I am not an outdoor runner. Well I am, but only during the months of May-September. My treadmill does all of the work in the months leading up. :) I actually LOVE the treadmill but I do appreciate out door runs when its nice out.

    Ah, how did you ever pass up that ice cream!! Oh my goodness yum!!!!

  5. says

    I am so over Ronnie and Sam! It’s the same thing over and over and over. The only reason I still watch is because of Vinny and Pauly D… so funny, so shallow! I love your blog btw :)

  6. says

    I’ve never thought of putting fruit on a pizza! As for the treadmill discussion, when I got mine 4 years ago, they actually priced it wrong on display. So when we saw the really good treadmill was only $400! we had to go back the next day. There was a lot of talk about how it was priced wrong but they had to honor it! Yay! So if you are lookin’ for a deal, go to Sears!! haha

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    loooove love loooove jersey shore. Other than sports and news, Jersey Shore is the only other TV show I watch. Sami and Ronnie are completely ridiculous but somehow week after week, I prioritize that show!

  8. says

    Ah,Jersey Shore! Ron and Sammie are volatile to one another. The way he treats her in some episodes is borderline domestic abuse (in my opinion). I think he has “roid” rage. There’s no way he’s not using steroids to get up and work out everyday after all of the binge drinking they partake in every night. But it is so entertaining…makes me sick to think how much money they make per episode :/

    Have a great week Monica1

  9. says

    Ugh, they are so co-dependent.

    I totally would have eaten the strawberries separately as well. I just don’t understand fruit with savory items!

  10. says

    AH I WISH they had that ice cream where I live I would be ALL over that! I would try the WHOLE carton for you!

    The strawberry pizza is definitely not something i would have thought to try but i’m always up for something new and it totally has potential in my book!

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