The Rest of Race Day and Uranus

Once we got home from the race we showered and I hit the blogs while Ben hit the bed for a nap. He tried to con me into joining the nap, but I always feel like they leave me groggy. Anyone else?

I was not about to cook tonight and asked Ben for ideas. He said he wanted a “good salad”, which means he wanted one packed full of hearty (high cal) ingredients. But I am always down for a salad, so we decided to order in from Lucille’s.

lucille's for din

We shared a BBQ chicken salad…

IMG_9011 (800x600)

corn chowder (it was just okay)IMG_9016 (800x600)

and the most amazing biscuits around. I don’t think the sugar glaze on top of Lucille’s biscuit is necessary – especially when it’s paired with Apple Butter! But, I still had one and a half. No shame. IMG_9013 (800x600)

In other news, since Half Marathons are my favorite distance I’ve decided to become a Half Marathon Fanatic. half marathon shirtThere are several different levels of the fanaticism, but I’m shooting for Uranus. I’m also trying to get to the Uranus level of Half Fanatics Winking smile


Basically, you get the honor of calling yourself a Half Marathon Fanatic if you run 3 half marathons within 90 days to get to the most basic level – which I’ve already done by running: Long Beach (full, but it counts), Malibu and Las Vegas!

Now my goal is to run 5 more half marys in the next 5 months to get to the next level!

I hope I can count on your support in getting to Uranus!!!


  1. says

    Uranus mission has my full support :)

    Also, naps make me really groggy too. Maybe it’s because the only time I ever take them is when I don’t sleep all night, so by the time I fall asleep for ‘just 20 minutes’ my body thinks it’s time to sleep 8 hours!

  2. Jill says

    Good luck on your mission. I’m not a napper either, although one sometimes attacks unexpectedly if I sit down in a comfy chair. I wake up groggy, queasy and feeling much worse than I did pre-nap.

  3. says

    I like naps but don’t usually take them intentionally… I end up just passing out on the couch or something. My boyfriend loves naps and sometimes I’ll try to take one with up but usually end up laying there until he falls asleep then I get up and go do something else (blog stalk) until he wakes up!

    GOOD LUCK on your mission! I’m sure you’ll get there :)

    I just ran my first half yesterday and loved the distance! I’m not at all interested in doing a full but am already ready for another half!

  4. says

    Yay! Half-Fanatics! I am Half-Fanatic #595 and I reached the most basic level (Neptune) last year in October by running 2 half-marathons in 6 days. I’m aiming to hit the Uranus level this fall. Best of luck in your quest – the shirt is awesome and one of my favourites to run in!

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