French Toast Tuesday

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I started my day with an easy 3 miler and a cool down walk with Ben. Tonight I have my first running group practice and 2-a-days kill me so I wanted to take it easy Smile

It’s French Toast Friday Tuesday!

IMG_9094 (800x533)

I grilled a banana to go with my Bagel Thin French Toast and it was like dessert <3

IMG_9096 (800x533)

Served with copious amounts of iced coffee because I’ve finally perfected my recipe and it’s delicious!

IMG_9101 (800x533)
Question: What’s your favorite day of the WEEK (not weekend)?

I like Tuesdays because I’m no longer mourning the loss of the weekend and am super productive since I don’t have Friday fever yet!

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  1. says

    I love Wednesday! It’s my easiest, most relaxing workout day. I just take a walk and a pilates class. And it starts the downward slope to the weekend :)

  2. Holly says

    I like Wednesdays. I work from home which allows me to complete my semi LR in the morning, which I LOVE! Morning run + working from home = best day by far!

  3. says

    I want that iced coffee recipe. I’ve been drinking hot coffee. Over it.

    I really like Thursday. My shows are on (how old do I sound?), I get off work early and it’s close to Friday!

  4. says

    Thursday isn’t even my fav, I just picked it because I like that option haha… and I laughed out loud at that natalie dee comic…I’m still laughing!

  5. Jill says

    Gotta be Friday. We go camping for three days, every other weekend so 50% of my Fridays are the first day of vacation.
    Where’s a good iced coffee recipe when you need one? I’m hearing sooooo much about this, but don’t know how to make it. Does leaving your hot coffee out on the table until it gets cold, count?

  6. says

    Haha, I am so not a thirsty thursday participator or Charlie Sheen! I just like to enjoy Thursday because that way I can get excited for the weekend early, and by the time Friday rolls around, every else is happy to keep me going!

  7. Amy Brich says

    Please share your iced coffee recipe. The only way I enjoy mine is made into a smoothie (cold coffe-brewed the night before, soy milk, click protein powder-for added caffeine, and ice) so yummy.

  8. says

    mmm french toast, i could eat french toast every single day. for real. Grilled banana is nutso good! YUUMMMMM

    My favorite day is friday hands down! It meals the end of a long week and some ME TIME!

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