My Iced Coffee Recipe

Good Morning! I started my day with an easy walk and planned to go to yoga at 8:45am. Then, as I was eating breakfast a huge chunk of my tooth broke off! Now I’m on hold with our insurance trying to figure out where I can go to fix it…

Since I’m on hold and have 995 minutes to kill I thought I’d share my iced coffee recipe…

monica and dunkin thumb My Iced Coffee Recipe

Disclaimer: It is physically impossible to make iced coffee as good as Dunkin Donuts at home. I can’t make miracles or DD iced coffee…dunkin donuts sign thumb My Iced Coffee Recipe

First, start off with good coffee. I’ve tried a lot of different kinds and am loving this one right now.

IMG 9136 533x800 thumb My Iced Coffee Recipe

I brew it strong so the ice doesn’t make it too weak. I brew a BIG pot of 10 cups and use 5 HEAPING tablespoons.IMG 9134 800x533 thumb My Iced Coffee Recipe

Then, I put it in a big pitcher  to chill overnight, or for a minute until I want another cup…

IMG 9106 800x533 thumb My Iced Coffee Recipe

If you have extra that doesn’t fit in the pitcher pour it into an ice tray. This trick prevents the iced coffee from getting too watered down too!IMG 9115 800x533 thumb My Iced Coffee Recipe

Then, pour it over some milk or soy milk (NOT: Almond Breeze because it curdles) and sweeten if you want. I use milk and stevia. Slurp!

IMG 9108 533x800 thumb My Iced Coffee Recipe

I wanted a yogurt bowl for breakfast and ended up with a huge mish-mash of foods!

IMG 9123 800x533 thumb My Iced Coffee RecipeA little big of Siggi’s and a lot of cottage cheese. I’ve decided I’m not a fan of Siggi’s – too tart for me. IMG 9130 800x533 thumb My Iced Coffee Recipe

There’s also some pumpkin under there wlEmoticon smile19 My Iced Coffee Recipe

IMG 9120 800x533 thumb My Iced Coffee Recipe

Enjoyed with some lovely iced coffee.

IMG 9128 800x533 thumb My Iced Coffee Recipe

Then, my tooth broke and yoga was canceled so I can get an emergency appointment at the dentist wlEmoticon sadsmile7 My Iced Coffee Recipe Wish me luck!


  1. says

    UGH i hate the tentist and tooth stuff… good luck!

    About iced coffee: The reason dunkin’s is so good (and starbucks) is because their coffee to water ratio is ridiculous. They use 2 Tbsp. of coffee grounds for every 6 ounces of water. So for your 10 cup pot you should use 10 Tbsp!!!!

  2. says

    my mom just did the same thing :( im sorry! hope ur tooth gets better and u can go to a later class or just go for a nice walk.


  3. says

    Yikes, sorry about your tooth.
    DD iced coffee is the best in town, but in an effort to not go broke, I make my own at home, much like you do.


  4. says

    So sorry about your tooth! It reminds me of a time when I was eating Cheetos and literally chewed my tooth off! Hmm…I should blog about that sometime!

    I’ve never had DD iced coffee…no DD where I live :(

  5. Ida says

    sorry about the tooth. that sounds awful!
    I’m not a siggi fan either. I keep trying other brands, but fage is my favorite by far.

  6. says

    eek – sorry to hear about your tooth! Hope it gets all fixed-up ASAP! I just started getting into iced coffee – excited to try at home!

  7. Marcee ..... IL says

    Whoa …. Monica …. so many “tooth” sympathies. Amazing. One from me too. Dentists are cool. Everyone needs em.

    We {{heart}} TJ’s Columbian (decaf) Coffee! Excellent flavors. Sounds right … 5 for 10 … + 1 extra scoop. Delicious coffees @ TJ’s.

    Cottage cheese + oatmeal? Will try tomorrow!! Never thought it.

    Best of M ….. w/all the training. Difficult work for sure. GL!

    H-E-L-L-O Vegas!!! Lookin better. Such pretty eyes. Behave yourself kitty.

  8. says

    Oh no! I hope your tooth is okay :(

    That’s an awesome idea for iced coffee…putting them in ice cube trays. Yum. Where do you go to yoga? Is there a specific studio you regularly attend? (if you’ve already blogged about it I’m sorry…obviously I can’t remember) but I’m in the market for a good studio in the OC area :)

  9. s says

    oh dear that happened to my tooth too! sort of. i had a chipped tooth back when i was a kid and the filling fell out while i was eating a truffle. (yes, a freaking truffle. haha). i also have had nightmares about my teeth falling out. wooo. anyways, good luck with the procedure, i hope it goes as painlessly and smoothly as possible (shouldnt be too hard- thanks modern science?)

  10. s says

    oops, i left out some details above that would have made my comment make more sense. i had the chipped tooth filled as a kid but then the filling fell out. anyway, you have my tooth sympathies!

  11. says

  12. says

  13. Anna says

    I use 12 tablespoons for 8 cups…and I consider that on the weak side. (8 real cups, not “coffee” cups which was 6 ounces).

    I prefer cold brewing, but I don’t usually have the patience to filter it out. But cold brewing is much better!

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