Saturday Breakfast Sandwich

Hello! I headed to the beach for my group’s run this morning. I wasn’t hungry, but did bring along a jug of iced coffee. Doesn’t everyone love big jugs? IMG_9823 (600x800)

It’s a drive to the beach we run at, but totally worth it. The beach is gorgeous and the weather was perfect – Cool and crisp Smile IMG_9838 (800x600)

IMG_9840 (800x600)

The group does runs based on time with 4:1 run/walk intervals. Today’s session was 55 minutes long.IMG_9841 (800x600)

The entire drive home I was cooking up breakfast in my head. I was HUNGRY! If only cooking in your head meant food was on the table when you get home…IMG_9842 (600x800)

I made an egg white sandwich on bagel thin with laughing cow and embarrassing amounts of ketchup.IMG_9846 (800x600)

The rest of the day is all about errands and cleaning. Exciting huh.

Anyone have grand plans for tomorrow?

I plan on hiding a lot of eggs. In my belly.


  1. says

    I bet running at the beach in the morning is quite lovely.

    No big plans for us this Easter weekend. I’m sure some Cadbury mini eggs will be consumed, but otherwise, not much else is happening.

    Happy Saturday!

      • says

        You should go for it! I never have, since I’m still pretty new to races (only about a year and a half). I really appreciate those that do, though, since it seems like it would be tough to keep steady and hold that sign the WHOLE time!

  2. Jill says

    Wasn’t the beach just gorgeous today? We are privileged indeed to have such a treasure so close by.
    I enjoyed chatting with you this morning. Do come hang out at the back of the pack more often. I want to hear more about the ways in which Intuitive eating works. I’m ruled by the Food Police, who dictate what are ‘good’ foods and ‘bad’ foods. The FP also dispenses the guilt trips. I’d love to put them out of a job.

  3. says

    Love running by the beach! Big plans for the weekend involve taking my kids to an Easter egg hunt & watching them eat copious amounts of candy & regretting it later in the day. :-)

  4. says

    I got ridiculous amounts of candy/junk from my mom and sister in the mail, and my bf got me an Easter basket. I plan on being in a sugar-induced coma all day tomorrow. :) Happy Easter Monica!

  5. VanessaG says

    My plans for Sat(today) are take my 2yr od niece to my church egg hunt. I had so
    much fun with her! She is just a gift from God. Sunday, I will go to church. So thankful I serve a King who died for me (an underserving sinner), and rose again! Happy Easter Girl! Your egg sandwich looks yummy! I can’t wait till July so I can run on the beach!

  6. says

    Oh my the ocean and beach look heavenly!! How cool is that!
    We are ketchup addicts at my house so that looks like a perfectly normal amount of ketchup to me:)

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