When I’m Going to Die

Mid-morning I was hungry and polished off the melon for some snackage. It made my mouth happy, but only 30 minutes later I was hungry again. #FruitFail

IMG 0320 800x600 thumb When I’m Going to Die

I ended up making an early lunch of salmon salad, chip, cucumbers and hummus. IMG 0324 800x600 thumb When I’m Going to DieNo, I don’t particularly enjoy huge chunks of onion in my food, but I can’t cut them any smaller than this because I’m already crying so hard at this point I can’t see what I’m doing.IMG 0322 800x600 thumb When I’m Going to DieBen and I were both at really weird places in our lives when we met. I remember one of the first conversations we had being about when and how we were going to die.

I said when I’m 40 I’m going to cover myself with honey and go into the woods to be bear food. I thought this was a good way to give back to the animals.

bear danger When I’m Going to Die

But I’m having second thoughts after reading this article about a 99 year old man leading exercise classes…image thumb4 When I’m Going to DieHe’s better than me. And I think I have a crush on him too…

Question: If you could find out when and how you were going to die – would you want to know??

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