When I’m Going to Die

Mid-morning I was hungry and polished off the melon for some snackage. It made my mouth happy, but only 30 minutes later I was hungry again. #FruitFail

IMG_0320 (800x600)

I ended up making an early lunch of salmon salad, chip, cucumbers and hummus. IMG_0324 (800x600)No, I don’t particularly enjoy huge chunks of onion in my food, but I can’t cut them any smaller than this because I’m already crying so hard at this point I can’t see what I’m doing.IMG_0322 (800x600)Ben and I were both at really weird places in our lives when we met. I remember one of the first conversations we had being about when and how we were going to die.

I said when I’m 40 I’m going to cover myself with honey and go into the woods to be bear food. I thought this was a good way to give back to the animals.


But I’m having second thoughts after reading this article about a 99 year old man leading exercise classes…imageHe’s better than me. And I think I have a crush on him too…

Question: If you could find out when and how you were going to die – would you want to know??


  1. julie says

    hell naw. i’m anxious enough as it is.

    i want to be that guy when i’m old, except a lady.

  2. says

    I would rather not know. However, I wish I could pick and choose the way I’ll die. You know, like in my sleep, so I won’t feel any pain.

    There’s this 90+ year old man who comes to my gym. He trains with a trainer and he’s just the cutest thing ever. You can’t help but want to hug him.

  3. Jean Maroney says

    I feel your pain on cutting onions. It used to be my least fave veggie to chop. But then I invested in a small 1 cup food chopper from Target (I don’t even think it cost $10 max) Throw the onion in, pulse a few times and I haven’t teared since. Best appliance in my whole kitchen. (minus my Keurig)

  4. says

    I learned how to chop onions watching Gwynyth Paltrow on her blog GOOP, very helpful, easy, and fast. I don’t think I’d want to know, but have you seen Big Fish? It’s so good, follows the same idea bc he sees when he’s gonna die and lives his life accordingly.

  5. Pamela says

    Interesting question. No? Although I’m convinced I’m going to die at 57 for a few key reasons. So I’m almost halfway there!

    Anyway, this question reminds me a little of the movie “Timer.” If you could know exactly when you’ll meet your true love (the One!), would you find out? Check it out on Netflix if you’re intrigued. It was quite good!

  6. says

    I’ve never had a problem with onions, maybe because I always keep them in the fridge? I don’t know.

    I would totally want to know! I’m a huge planner like that, I’d love to know when, where and how and then I would fully live my life and make all the preparations at the right time. Insane, I know.

  7. says

    That is such a tough question! I would want to know if it was a really long time from now and of something generic like an illness. Or if it was really soon. I wouldn’t want to know if it was 5 years from now and of something awful. I’m weird.

  8. says

    So, I’d initially say I wouldn’t want to know (“ahhh morbid,” blablablabla), but the fact that I could know but didn’t would drive me crazy. If I’m getting hit my a bus next week I’d like really like to eat Hostess Cupcakes dipped in hot fudge while wearing the Versace dresses and Kate Spade handbags I’d be blowing my cash on.

  9. Laramie says

    If you chop an onion in half through the middle and avoid cutting the root it won’t release the stuff that makes you cry! Or try chewing gum while cutting, strangely works!

  10. says

    I want to be ooooooooolld when I go. I want to be healthier than all my old lady and man friends and whip ’em into shape. I am weird.

    I have a crush on that guy too. Hero.

  11. says

    I don’t think I’d want to know when I’m going to die. I’m imagining a Final Destination scenario…

    Have you ever heard of onion goggles? Totally worth it at my house since someone is always chopping an onion, and my eyes tear up if I’m even close to it. They’re really stupid looking, but they totally work!

  12. says

    I once trained with a lady who was 80 something and just qualified for BOSTON, she kicked my butt . I was in awe as she just started running 3 years prior

  13. says

    I have mixed feelings on this topic. I watched two aunts die long, horrible deaths because of a genetic disease and even as a kid I thought “If I ever get it, I won’t wait to die slowly.” It was so awful to watch (a diseases similar to Parkinson’s).

    I don’t have the gene (thank the goddess!) so it’s not an issue for me, but it’s still something I feel strongly about.

    I think the positive thing of knowing a date when you’re going to die means you won’t have regrets. If I found out that my date was 20 years from now, I’d spend the next 20 years cramming in EVERYTHING I want to do. Travel, write. I certainly wouldn’t stay at a job I hated, or worry about gaining 5 pounds!

  14. fifi says

    Nope, not at all. I’m quite happy in my assuming I’m going to live forever! Haven’t you seen the movies? You only try to avoid your death and end up dying like that anyway….

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