Fourth of July Feast and Running Shorts

Yesterday’s Fourth of July feast was courtesy of a Manager’s Special…IMG_5923 (800x600)

That’s not a “real” burger it’s a portabello Smile IMG_5914 (600x800)

I made Portabello Mushroom burgers with sweet potatoes and approximately a gallon of ketchup.IMG_5917 (800x600)

First, I marinated the ‘shrooms in some Italian dressing…IMG_5915 (800x600)

The grill marks are courtesy of my George Foreman.IMG_5919 (800x600)

Dinner was lacking protein so I made a protein shake as “dessert”. But to make it more treat-y I topped it with cereals and cocoa almonds.IMG_5925 (800x600)

Run: This morning I did an easy 3 miler per my new training plan. I’m switching the 7 miler for tomorrow because I had an early client.

I wore shorts today on my run!IMG_5928 (600x800)

I haven’t worn shorts outside to run for 2 years! It was weird, but I had no choice – all my other running capris are dirty. Since I still have a big arsenal of running shorts I do wear them to walk or clean around the house – but never run anymore.

Why don’t I wear shorts to run? I started wearing capris and pants when I moved to Maryland and it started to get cold. When the weather warmed up I was already hooked on capris because it helped prevent chafing.  Plus,  showing leg puts my cellulite on display makes me self conscious so I’m all about capris now. If I can find a good pair of long-ish tight running shorts I’d be sold. nataliedee shorts love(

Question: What do you exercise in – shorts/capris/chonies/paper bag?


  1. says

    I normally wear shorts because I don’t think I could stand anything else in this Houston heat. I’m interested to know what brand of capris you wear though. I haven’t really ran during the winter before (I’m new to running) and a wuss in the cold so I think capris would be a great choice in the winter months.

  2. says

    Shorts are my fave to wear running outside! I find I never have to adjust Nike tempo shorts while running.
    I’m always down for a good running unitard as well
    Just kidding… :)

    I love mushrooms, but GIANT mushrooms creep me out for some reason! That “burger” looks delicious though, I think I may be missing out…

  3. says

    You haven’t run in shorts outside in nearly 2 years?? GIRL! Don’t you know its hot as Hades outside!? HEEEEEEAVENS!

    That being said, before my pregnant rear end got as big as the back side of a Cadillac, you could not get me out of my Nike Tempo, Nike Pacer, or Brooks Glycerine shorts. The Nike Tempos are good, standard running shorts. I like that they don’t come up too high, have a modest (read = not hoochie) length, and stay put on the run. The Nike Pacers sit slightly lower, have more relaxed elastic in the waistband and aren’t quite as baggy as the Tempos. Both are great, I just like to mix it up. Lastly, I love, love, love Brooks Glycerine shorts (I also have the Glycerine running skirt). There is no elastic at the waist. They are more fitted and just sort of stay up. I thought for sure they would ride up or get bunchy between my legs, but nope! They rock!

    These days, refusing to buy more expensive running gear for just a few months, I’m wearing cheapy cheap running skirts. I can’t wait to return to my better fitting stuff post-baby!

    Happy running!

      • says

        I must be super hot-natured then. Being pregnant and all, that’s probably the case. Ha! I have a couple of pairs of running knickers (hit right below the knee and are fitted) that I wear, but I only break those out on rainy or overcast runs. If the sun is out in full effect and I’ll be breaking a serious sweat, I need my shorts or running skirt!

  4. says

    Target sells a good pair of tight running shorts. I can’t wear regular shorts because my thighs make the fabric pull up and leads to chafing, so I have to wear really tight ones. They’re about midthigh so they’re not too revealing either :)

  5. Michelle says

    I love running in a Skirt Sport. Compression shorts with a skirt over top. Two pockets, very comfortable and with the great side benefit of being girly and flattering. They also make a capris version. Kind of expensive, but if you can find them on sale pick up a few.

  6. says

    I have to workout in shorts because I need pockets! I can’t stand wearing any pants/shorts that don’t have pockets. Even if it’s cold, I wear leggings and then shorts on top. POCKETS!!

  7. says

    I’m a capris or long running pants kinda gal. I just do NOT like shorts. I’ve always had stronger/heavier/bigger legs, even at my lightest weight, so I’m kind of uncomfortable wearing something that shows lotsa skin, especially when said skin will be jiggling up and down with the force of running.

  8. says

    Omg. I can’t believe you ran in Maryland during the summer in capris. You be cray cray!! And you look great in shorts!
    Not on running but : I just bought some ridiculous booty style jean shorts. I thought I’d be self conscious but it’s the best thing I ever did. Comfort, and I feel like a teenager. I know its inappropriate, but it’s my parrttyyyyy. :)

    • says

      We first moved in July and I so I wore shorts for our first summer there. But once it got cold I got capris and never looked back. (We did leave again the following July, so I might not have lasted the summer. We’ll never know.)

      Ha! I’ve live vicariously through you with those booty shorts – not gonna happen here unfortunately.

  9. says

    Same – I only wear shorts when my capris are dirty. I just love that I don’t chafe and that there isn’t material flyin around everywhere. When it’s SUPER hot I wear spandex shorts but then I feel hoochie

  10. says

    I prefer capris tights in the summer, but I do wear shorts, too. I have to wear lycra (tight/bike) shorts underneath the running shorts, to prevent the dreaded chafing.

  11. says

    I wear shorts until it gets down to about 40*. I read somewhere that your body feels about 20 degrees warmer than the outside temp, so that’s my rule of thumb. I’m a sweaty girl and I fear I’d melt in capris, but they look so cute on other people!

  12. says

    Chonies, LOL! I love running in shorts but I will run in capris and longs tights when it gets cold but shorts is definitely the way to go for me.

  13. says

    I finally found a pair of shorts I can wear. I usually have the riding up issue due to my thighs, but these don’t have that problem.
    They only have blue now, but I was told (I bought them at an expo) that they are getting more colors in the fall. When I’m not wearing these, I’m either in capris or my running skirt since the shorts underneath are long-ish as well.

  14. Kristie says

    I can’t wear any “short” shorts on runs over 3 miles without chafing (including all the Nike tempo/pacer shorts and compression shorts that don’t come up – I have big runner thighs!), but I found a pair of Nike bermuda type shorts that have worked so far. The only problem is the material is kinda heavy so I find myself reaching for capris instead. Meh, I like capris anyway. And I appreciate the short runs when I can wear real shorts that much more haha. :)

  15. says

    I live in Florida so running in shorts is a must, year around. However, when I lived in Boston, I could only wear shorts like one month out of the year. The portabello looks great! Do you ever get the actual portabello burgers that are sold in organic food section of the grocery store? They are good as well.

  16. rebecca says

    i really only wear capri’s as well, due to chafing (i tried to wear a pair of nike tempo shorts, that i normally wear just for weight training, on a run last week because i really needed to to laundry and i came back with terrible cut up inner thighs, from the fabric and stitching ughhh)…however now that i am starting to train for a marathon through the summer months i needed a better option for warmer weather. i went to target and got their version of the lululemon tighter (kinda like bike shorts) shorts and i have had NO problems running in them. yes, i do expose my legs more but i’ve gotten a lot more comfortable in them and i honestly dont care as long as I am comfortable!

  17. Angie says

    I also got used to running in capris and pants because it was still chilly in Wisconsin this spring when I was training for a half marathon. I now run in shorts for shorter runs, but even those cause some chafing once I go more than 4 miles.

  18. says

    I wear my husband’s running shorts. Women’s running shorts are cut too short and I’m very self conscious about the upper thigh jiggle factor. Men’s shorts (I wear the C9 Champion brand at Target) are longer; they may not be the most flattering, but when it’s hot and I want to wear shorts, they serve their purpose.

    Otherwise, if it’s not too hot, I wear capris. I hate pants and only wear them if it’s freezing outside.

  19. Katie says

    I can’t wear “normal” running shorts either due to chafing – I prefer the Under Armor 7″ compression shorts. They are the only thing I run in when it’s hot outside! They’re relatively inexpensive and are awesome (in my opinion). As a bonus, they work well for spinning classes too!

  20. says

    It depends on where I workout and what I am doing, oh and when! I usally stick to capri’s and shorts, but in the winter – thermal running tights for outdoor runs! I love Nike tempo shorts for outdoor summer runs. And usually capris for cross training or weights at the gym.

  21. says

    I totally hear you on how great capris are for running…but living in FL I’ve had to find some long tight shorts. (I’m one of those lucky girls with big thighs that cause regular shorts like the Nike Tempos to ride up & cause chafing.) Anyhow, I just found some GREAT shorts from Athleta – the Presto Running Short. You seriously should check them out. Granted, they’re not Target prices but at $40 they’re worth it to me. I’ve had mine for 2 weeks now – they’re thin & definitely cool enough for summer runs here in FL! The even sell “talls” with a 9 inch inseam which was music to my ears seeing as I’m 6’0!

  22. says

    shorts all the way! this winter was the first time I actually broke down and bought “proper” running PANTS. and it turns out I loved them. (lucy has awesome running gear!)

  23. Jennifer says

    Target has some awesome Champion running “shorts.” They are basically fitted bermuda shorts. Love them!

  24. says

    Oh man, It is wayyy to hot right now in NC to wear anything but clothes to run in. Just kidding but for sure even if you go running at 7am it’s already 90 degrees so shorts are for sure the way to go.

    I’m with you though, I hate wearing shorts, not just to run in, but in general. too much legfat rubbing togther. Thick thighed girls Hollerrr! :)

  25. says

    I really really really need a pair of capri’s because, Hello my name is Stacey and I am a chafer! My thighs touch! OMG! And ya know what even when I was a size 2 my thighs touched, it’s who I am! But I really really need a pair of capri’s! LOL

  26. says

    I wear shorts with long compression shorts underneath. I’ve been seeing these Lululemon shorts that apparently don’t ride up and I definitely need to invest in those.

  27. Amanda says

    I love Nike Phantom running shorts…. they have a bike short underneath. They help hold in my organs when I run : D AND they’re not too short.

  28. says

    i used to *hate* running in shorts, but now i love it!! probably because i’m a lot smaller than i used to be and it’s a friggin’ hot mess outside with all the dry desert heat, but for any distance until 10 or 12 miles, i usually wear shorts or my lone running skirt.

  29. says

    I, like you, don’t love wearing shorts to run because of the whole “showing everyone everything” thing (I gotta keep it under wraps!). However, I live in Florida, so to wear anything but shorts outside in the summer is a death sentence. Therefore, I have recently found the wonderful world of running skirts (thanks Shah’ada!). I just bought my first one off (careful, they are ridiculously expensive), and it is the best piece of clothing I have ever run in. I got an “athletic skirt” and it has the compression shorts underneath and the skirt is long enough to cover all of the, ahem, problem areas. Awesomeness. Try it!!

  30. megan says

    Brooks has some that are Bermuda’s that I’ve been wearing and they rock!! Check their website out. They’re kind of spendy, but I absolutely love them.

  31. says

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