Watermelon Redecorating

Happy Monday! I started my day with an easy 4 miler average pace 9:09. No music, just thoughts wlEmoticon smile35 Watermelon Redecorating

Then, I came home to an egg burrito and watermelon breakfast. I woke up early and have a busy day so I’m hoping smaller meals through out the day keep me going today!IMG 6417 800x600 thumb Watermelon Redecorating

Notice my new placemat???IMG 6421 800x600 thumb Watermelon Redecorating

My mom is an enabler and is encouraging my watermelon obsession! Remember when she bought me a watermelon tissue box? monica eats watermelon tissue thumb Watermelon Redecorating

Well, now I have a watermelon placemat too! Love it!!IMG 6424 800x600 thumb Watermelon Redecorating

No lie, I’m kinda considering redecorating my kitchen into a watermelon theme. Is that too much?

If nothing else, I want to go to sleep every night resting my big ol’ head on this watermelon pillow…image thumb27 Watermelon Redecorating(source)

Yesterday I said I wanted to create a Cinnamon Churro cereal, but I’m too late! Someone already thought of it…image thumb28 Watermelon RedecoratingAnd I want some.

Question: Got an amazing cereal idea? Or any watermelon themed decorating tips?


  1. says

    I am dying to get to around a 9 minute average mile… I just can’t seem to get past 10 minutes for a comfortable pace. I feel like I am sprinting like crazy at a a 9 minute mile. was it ever like that for you when you started running? I don’t feel like long runs kill me… I really really enjoy running but I’m not sure if I will ever be able to average 9 minutes. I dream of a little over 8 hahaha

    Peanut butter and jelly cereal or peanut butter, banana and honey cereal… those HAVE to exist, right?? I mean, freeze dried strawberries with PB crunchy things, or freeze dried bananas with PB and honey crunchy things??

  2. says

    What about a cereal that looks like little watermelons but tastes like churros? Or a combination of watermelon and churro flavored frozen yogurt only sold at Yogurtland? What do ya think?

  3. Mandy says

    I started reading your blog hoping it would inspire me to run more, mostly it has inspired me to eat more cereal. :)

  4. VanessaG says

    I hope you do redo your kitchen to watermelon theme. That’s awesome!! You could find alot of watermelon stuff on sale as summer is ending. My kitchen is cupcake themed and I love it!! Oh, and I soooo gotta find that cereal. Yummy!

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