Powder Eggs for Breakfast

I had some problems with the blog last night and didn’t get into bed until close to 1am. That’s crazy for me! But I was still up bright and early for a 5 miler with Kath. Miles with a buddy just fly by! When ran the same path we walked yesterday SmileIMG_6829 (600x800)

Then, we parted ways and I decided to check out the free hotel breakfast on my way up to my room. I made this plate of food for Ben, but ended up eating half the eggs and cantaloupe. Confession: I love scrambled eggs like this even though they’re probably from a powder.IMG_6984 (800x533)

To complete my meal I had a bowl of oatmeal with a cup of Oikos and some granola from the hotel.IMG_6987 (800x533)

I got a huge stash of yogurt from the expo and Kath gave me a ton more this morning too! Turns out Ben ate 2 cups of it last night when I was at dinner! He loves this stuff! And I don’t normally like blueberry yogurt, but I even liked this flavor.IMG_6990 (800x533)

Now I’m going through my Blogher swag to pack it up SmileIMG_6995 (800x533)

Yesterday at the Blogher expo, I had a consultation with Valerie Waters. She is amazing and super nice. She’s really no “BS” and I appreciate that too.

I asked her for tips on losing “the last ten pounds”. She advised me to cut back on the carbs I have at home and to write down everything I eat for 4 days to get a better idea of it.me and tracy anderson blogher11

She said, “You don’t have to count calories, but calories count.” – So I don’t have to write down calories counts, but I do have to write down everything I eat. Makes sense.

She also said, “You can’t say you want to lose the last 10 pounds and also snack at night.”

So, I’m going to actually blog everything for a while to keep a visual journal (been slacking on this since I’m trying to change it up).


  1. says

    Those a great tips! I feel like a lot of the time, you just need to hold yourself accountable :) I’ve noticed that I tend to get hungry after dinner, so I’ve swapped my mid morning snack for a post-dinner one. Just something to keep me from not being able to sleep because I am hungry, and because it’s planned, I don’t feel the need to snack at night.

  2. Eva says

    Personally, I don’t find half mary and marathon training conducive to weight loss. I only managed to lose the last 10 pounds when I wasn’t in training for long distance. My metabolism is completely different in those two states.

      • Eva says

        Oh for sure, wasn’t trying to imply you were running them to lose weight! I just found I actually could not remove my last few pounds while training at high intensity. It’s really hard to “diet” for weight loss without compromising your training.

        I found it way easier to just lose the last few once I was not in a marathon training cycle, although it took my metabolism a long time to recover and remember how to lose weight.

        • says

          I know you weren’t saying that :) I just got excited when you reminded me that she and I totally talked about how training for a marathon is not to lose weight. We’re totally on the same page.

  3. says

    Scrambled eggs from anywhere but home gross me out! I am weird about eggs and dairy oh and I guess meat too. I have weird rules that I am not even sure where they came from!

  4. says

    Good luck on losing those last 10 pounds! My weight is up and down.. but currently up living in Augusta, GA. I blame the elevation is different from Las Vegas. 😉

    I thought you looked wonderful in your dress last night! The weight lifting you’ve been doing is really showing. Keep it up!

  5. Heather says

    Good advice, but she’s kinda nuts. The advice in her books is kinda crazy, and her “don’t lift more than three pounds” advice is ridiculous. Losing the last 10 is pretty much going to come down to what you eat.

  6. says

    So, the eating at night thing. There seems to be two camps: 1- calories are calories no matter when 2- the body processes more slowly at night (or something like that). I know a big problem for me is not eating healthily at night. So can we eat at 9pm if it’s like a banana instead of ice cream? I’m confused.

    • says

      I think it’s calories are calories no matter when you eat. BUT – the reason pros sometimes suggest eliminating night time carbs is because you’re more likely to grab cereal or popcorn or a cookie to snack on than a piece of chicken. So, making that rule hits all bases.

  7. Ida says

    Tracy and Bob- what a weekend! I’ve read some of Tracy’s book and she doesn’t mess around. I like that she is tough and admits that losing weight is hard work, but her diet is cray cray!

  8. says

    i love that phrase! it’ll be an important thing to remember when i’m done losing weight and into maintenance. my downfall is definitely snacking at night! i do so well all day, but then just end up snacking from boredom or procrastination.

  9. says

    Monica I’m so glad you posted this! This is exactly what I needed to read! I really want to lose the “last 10 pounds” as well, but I tried counting calories, and it is such a hassle. I’m glad you provided an alternative! And snacking at night is my downfall !

  10. says

    Losing the last ten is so hard, especially when you’re trying eat intuitively! I’ve gained 10 since getting married in April and need to get it off to improve my marathon training (Las Vegas RnR in December). I admire that you’re weighing in and sharing your progress here. I finally shared my weight on my blog and it was so scary!

  11. says

    You met Tracy Anderson? Awesome! I know that her methods have been called controversial, but she’s still a pretty big name in the fitness industry / pop culture. How did the rest of your consultation go with her? I’m really curious!
    By the looks of your heap of swag, it looks like it was another awesome year at BlogHer! I’d love to check out the conference some day!

  12. Lorin says

    That’s cool you got a consultation, are you writing a post on that or was it just quick tips…you don’t have too though, I’m just curious what she had to say other than what you already put up. I feel like you kinda need carbs for marathon training though.

      • Lorin says

        Oh yeah, I totally agree! I feel like sometimes I eat at night not because I want to but because that’s what I do. I try to tell myself that it’s okay if I don’t feel like eating something, I don’t have to! I started cutting back on late night snacking with only having about 1 thing and I woke up the next day and actually felt hungry for breakfast! Shocker 😛

  13. says

    I’ve been keeping a food journal for awhile now. I’ve found it really helpful…especially when it comes to small things I’ve eaten throughout the day. I’m a grazer, so if I didn’t write the handful of Terra Chips I snacked on down, then I’ll over-snack in the afternoon and won’t leave room for dinner!

  14. says

    When it comes to losing weight the formula is pretty simple: burned calories – consumed calories >0. But I find I gain/lose water weight really easily, so I’ve ditched the scale and just go by how my clothing feels. If I need to move my belt up a notch or my paints are getting tight, I know whether I’ve gained or lost actual weight.

  15. Lauren says

    Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog! I’m training for my second marathon and am also trying to maintain the 20+ pound weight loss I’ve managed since Feb.

    I had to chime in on this post. Are you trying to lose that last 6 pounds through intuitive eating?

    • says

      I am trying to lose weight through Intuitive Eating, but think my few last bad habits are making it rough. I don’t think it’s that IE isn’t working, I think it’s that night time eating (when I’m not hungry) is something I’ve done since I was a kid and it’s hard to stop.

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