Interview with Bob Harper at Blogher 2011

I got hungry around 3pm and had a handful of cherries because I love them. A lot.cherries

But, I realized that I needed something more substantial before heading back to work. So, I made a protein smoothie with granola.IMG_7235 (800x533)

I’m supposed to cut back on granola and cereal. But I’m also supposed to clean my house more than 2 times a year and not watch so much reality TV = other things I’m not going to do, so yeah. No thanks.IMG_7238 (800x533)

Sorry if you were expecting something fabulous from my two Manager’s Special ingredients. But, I’m not fancy SmileIMG_7228 (800x533)

I just cooked up the turkey with onions and garlic. Then, added sauce and cooked whole wheat spaghetti. When it was done I added the feta and tossed. I served mine on a bed of green beans (another Manager’s Special actually!). IMG_7246 (800x533)

Served with a generous dusting of parmesan cheese. IMG_7257 (800x533)

Then, I headed back to work for 2 more clients. I’m tired.

Now it’s 9pm and I’m blogging with some yogurt and cereal.IMG_7261 (800x533)

Here’s my interview with Bob Harper from this weekend. He was at Blogher with Quaker. You can follow Quaker on twitter here. IMG_6902 (800x533)

***Let me preface this with a few things:  First, I didn’t realize it was going to be an on-camera interview until I started to talk to him and he asked if we were taping. F. So, I quickly scrambled to switch cameras and memory cards (it was not graceful).

Then, I had to ditch my notes and try to make it up as I went a long. So, it’s a little awkward and embarrassing for me. Oh, and the sounds and lighting are pretty tragic. But, I’m posting it anyways because so many people asked. Don’t say I never embarrassed myself for you guys…

If you can’t hear the interview here is some key points:

  • Bob is super cute in person.
  • He loves biking for cardio right now and would have spent an hour on the bike if not for the session he led at Blogher.
  • He ate tuna 2 times Friday, but says it’s because he’s busy. (A lot of people thought he was vegan, but he says on tape Tuna 2x.)
  • Monica is awkward without preparation
  • He suggests “Lean and Green at night” = eat lean protein and greens for dinner
  • He feels pressure to “look like a personal trainer” too


  1. says

    You did fabulous! It was a bit hard to hear as the conference pavilion was pretty loud, so thanks for providing a summary. I like his “Lean and green” advice. I’ll try to incorporate it into my diet plan. And I think he was refering to Perfect Food Bar Light that he for lunch: I tried those and they are delicious, but they $$ $2.50 a bar.

  2. Ida says

    What a great video! he seemed to really like the question about feeling pressure to look a certain way as a trainer.

    I am curious about these Perfect bars!

  3. says

    Sooo jealous that you met Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watching The Biggest Loser is what motivated me to drop 110 lbs! I’m so excited that you got to do an interview with him! That is super awesome!!! 😀

  4. says

    By the way did you notice how he TOTALLY CHECKED YOU OUT when you turned the camera on… eyes up here Bob-o, eyes up here!

    Good work girl, turning cute celebrity trainer heads!

  5. says

    That was great, and Bob is ADORABLE. Love both of you guys! It was nice to see a different perspective of BlogHer than why is usually told (cheeseburger parties and booze). :-)

    • says

      Hey Girl,
      Just wanted to say…. Women of child-bearing age are advised to limit their consumption of tuna. I love tuna, but try to keep it to once or twice a week for this reason. Have you considered canned salmon or chicken?

  6. Christin says

    WOW! I am so blown away, you are a natural! You are really good at thinking on your feet and keeping control of the interview…very well rounded set of questions…and yeah he totally checked you out at the beginning there!

  7. says

    Aww BOOOO I cannot hear audio at work!! :( I’m SURE you were fabulous… you LOOKED fabulous hahaha I’ll have to listen tonight when I get home.

    A lot of folks suggest eating ‘lean and green’ at night. And I can totally understand why… and for the most part I do stick to veggies and protein. however, dinner is usually always my largest meal. It’s the only meal I can truly take the time to prepare and enjoy at my leisure, ya know? Like I don’t have to rush through it. That’s why I try to make something delicious every night.

    That pasta dish you just whipped up looks delish! I’ve been in a pasta mood and randomally bought a bag of brown rice pasta the other day… I’m thinking that with an avocado ‘cream’ sauce. I don’t know what’s up with me lately I NEVER crave creamy sauces but lately that’s all I’ve been craving.

  8. says

    You actually seem really calm in this interview! I would have been freaking out. I am not great under pressure, let alone with plans change.

    And about that watermelon in your last post, I seriously can’t remember the last time I had a seeded watermelon. I kept thinking, they still MAKE those? lol

  9. says

    You looked a little flustered at first but you did good! You got in a groove and rocked it out. I would just have been like a deer in headlights o.O

    He’s so hot!

  10. Adrienne says

    The interview is so awesome! Do you know why he says to limit the carbs later in the day? I haven’t heard that before and I’m curious what the reason behind it is.

  11. says

    awee! I LOVE HIM! Great interview. I would NEVER have been able to talk to him without stuttering all over the place and not making any sense!

  12. cassie says

    I think Bob Harper is wishy-washy. How can you be 100% dedicated to a cause and then eating steak a year later? Seems like he can be “sold” most anything. Now he’s on board with Crossfit and their meat eating diet and talking about that constantly. I think Crossfit is great but I lose respect for someone who goes from one extreme to the other. The guy hosted the walk for farm animals to educate people about the cruelty of factory farming!! Once you know about that – how do you go back? Lost respect for you Bob on this one. I can’t take any diet advice from this guy seriously.

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