Broccoli For Breakfast

Morning! Today I had an 8 miler on the schedule. That’s a lot for a mid-week run, so I planned on taking it slow and easy. I was super slow out and okay back.

8 miles – Average Pace 8:54 IMG 7268 thumb Broccoli For Breakfast

I ate some a lot of watermelon while pacing around the kitchen thinking up breakfast…

I’ve been craving a big ol’ fancy omelet, but since I don’t know how to make them I went with an egg scramble. It worked.IMG 7268 800x533 thumb Broccoli For Breakfast

I cooked up onions and broccoli slaw with turkey ham and eggs. That english muffin in the back isn’t burnt – it has cinnamon sugar!IMG 7274 800x533 thumb Broccoli For Breakfast

Vegas as a statue…IMG 7280 533x800 thumb Broccoli For Breakfast

Question: What’s your favorite form of bread – sliced, pita, english muffins, bagels, tortillas?

Depends on what I’m eating. I love bagels or muffins for breakfast and good rolls with dinner.

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  1. says

    I didn’t realize you have a cat named VEGAS! I LOVE that name!!! (I also love Las Vegas ;) )

    I adore English muffins and bagels! They both bake great burger buns :) If I had to chose between those two loves I would say bagels…. but not toasted… just totally ‘raw’.. warm and doughy… with butter and honey. Or cream cheese and strawberry jam… or mashed avocado… or peanut butter!

    • Jill says

      You can buy gluten free bread? Who knew? I’m brand new to living GF, having just got a diagnosis that requires it, a few days ago. What other GF products do you recommend?

      • says

        Oh heck yeah you can buy just about anything gluten free but you are usually going to pay more for it! Depending on where you live and what stores you have will determine what you can find. Shoot me an e-mail! I would be happy to help ya find some goodies!

  2. says

    I love throwing some broccoli slaw (and bell peppers, onion, and mushrooms) into my eggs- yummm! So glad to see that someone else makes short cut french toast (splenda & cinnamon toast) :P

  3. says

    I had an 8 miler on my training schedule today too and it was a killer to get through. You run way faster than me! Not sure I can keep up a sub-9 min mile for longer than 7 miles.
    I love bread in all forms, but I think that english muffins are my favorite. I never buy them or I’d eat them all in one sitting.

  4. says

    My grandma taught me how to make homemade italian crusty bread. Love it!
    But, lately I’ve really been enjoying whole wheat naan bread! Yum!

  5. Marcee says

    Broc-slaw …. Not sure if I ever had that before. Mostly all slaws are delicious by me!

    Fav = fresh + warm bakery challah! It’s the best ever here in Chicago. Just absolutely loveit. Sometimes they bake rounds of challah w/white raisins. Even better. Especially w/soft (unsalted) real butter! Droolin.

    Monica …. sorta confused these days. Are you mostly veggie? Or did you switch over?

    In recent posts, you mentioned having a few bites of Ben’s hot dog (or polish sausage) from CostCo. Those are beef right? I had the impression you did not eat (large land animals) meat. Especially, beef and pork (ham).

    So, you are okay with these foods now?

    What about lamb and veal?

    Just wondering.

    Always look forward to your entertaining days!

    • says

      I used to be vegetarian, but started eating meat again this year. I mostly eat eggs and poultry. I never order red meat myself, but may have a taste of Ben’s when we’re out. For some unknown reason I am not a fan of pork.

      I have never been big on meat. Even before I was a vegetarian, as a child I would order Bean & Cheese burritos from Mexican places and similar things. So, it’s not a big effort for me to stick with poultry and eggs.

      The only meat we had growing up was turkey, chicken, beef and occasionally ham or bacon. But, we never had lamb and I wouldn’t order red meat so I wouldn’t get it now. I think I’ve tasted it out with Ben before just to try it. I don’t like it.

      I never have and never would eat veal.

  6. Mendy says

    Croissants…with Nutella. Oh and warm, crusty, fresh bread like the other posts. Oh and of course…with Nutella.

  7. says

    I love warm, chewy bagels right out of the oven. Or a muffin with a large crispy edged top. Hmm mm! I love’s me some bread and pastries.

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