Pancakes for Snack

I was obsessed with hummustard for years, but recently have switched over to Trader Joe’s Peanut Dressing. OBSESSED. So, if you see a salad that I’m eating at home – it had peanut dressing.IMG 7287 800x533 thumb Pancakes for Snack

This salad also had a veggie burger (trying to get through them) and chips. Regular ol’ amazing and salty, tortilla chips wlEmoticon smile16 Pancakes for SnackIMG 7288 800x533 thumb Pancakes for Snack

I had a handful of cherries for a snack. Because you know I f-ing love cherries!IMG 7303 800x533 thumb Pancakes for Snack

image thumb7 Pancakes for Snack

After lunch I headed to work.

And then, after a few errands I drove back home and knew I needed a big snack to hold me over till dinner. I wanted a snack that hit all these bases:

  • Had Protein
  • Was sweet
  • Something I could put nut butter on

I considered a few options and pancakes came to mind.

Pancakes for dinner are one thing (read: totally normal and acceptable), but pancakes as a snack?! I may be going a little far with the food on this…IMG 7308 800x533 thumb Pancakes for Snack

This is the most labor intensive snack I’ve ever made. And it was totally worth it!

IMG 7310 800x533 thumb Pancakes for Snack

Ahhhh! My belly is so happy now wlEmoticon smile16 Pancakes for Snack

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  1. says

    If you ever see the Kirkland Organic tortilla chips at Costco, GET THEM (or you know, don’t). They are amazing and addicting, maybe it’s all that organic salt? And you can pretend they are healthy (that’s how it works right?).

  2. Sarah@ Sarah's Modern Bites says

    Where oh where did you get that fabulous comic strip!? IT IS AWESOME. I need one for avocado because I each so much of it especially for lunch at work my hands are always covered with it. Don’t ask me why, it just happens.

    What kind of veg burger was that??? Looks like a ‘chkn’ burger of some sort? And, do you make your own peanut dressing?? Ive made it a few times in the past but The recipe is completely missing from the recipe memory bank in my head.

    I am wicked impressed with your ‘snack’ I would not have the patience for it but am super envious! Did it fill you up as much as a meal… Suffice as a snack?

    I am just full of questions tonight! Sorry! :)

    • says

      That was a Boca Burger that I get from Costco. They are Extra Large just like I like it :) But, I’m sick of them now and just trying to eat ‘em up.

      I don’t make the peanut dressing. It’s Trader Joe’s brand.

      Yes, totally loved pancakes as a ‘mini-meal’ of sorts :)

  3. says

    pancakes for snacks is a great idea. I fucking love cherries too. They’re amazing. I wish I could get them year round. I just went shopping last night and picked up some peaches and grapes.

  4. Ana says

    Those pancakes look delicious! Yum!

    Also, thank you for the tweet about how it is important to stop comparing yourself and your food/exercise to others! It is really reassuring to me. Perfect timing for me since I’ve been doing major comparing lately. I eat much more than everyone in my family but I guess my body is different from theirs and I need to eat more food more often to feel physically and emotionally satisfied.


  5. Bente says

    Have you ever frozen your pancakes? I usually make a big batch and separate them with parchment paper and freeze. You can reheat in the toaster or microwave-major time saver.

  6. says

    Ugh, I miss all things bread-related. They are either not gluten-free or they have xanthan gum. Or a myriad of other things my stomach is currently rebelling against. Thankfully I can still handle oatmeal, otherwise my life would be very, very sad.

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