Come to Mama…Chia

I had  a full afternoon schedule and wanted a lasting snack before I left. So, I made a big protein smoothie and topped it with cereal. I could eat this three times a day and sometimes do.IMG 8154 800x533 thumb Come to Mama…ChiaOh, and this is my other new bowl! Love it because there is a flower printed on the bottom so I’m not as sad when all the food is gone and I’m left with a sad empty bowl.IMG 8158 800x533 thumb Come to Mama…Chia

When I got home I made dinner while Ben hung out and kept me company in the kitchen. We broke into the stash of drinks Mamma Chia sent me. IMG 8162 533x800 thumb Come to Mama…Chia

Mamma Chia is a fairly local company and I met the owner when she was giving out samples at Whole Foods a while back! IMG 8166 800x533 thumb Come to Mama…Chia

I tried one of the flavors then and jumped at the chance to sample more when the company contacted me recently. Since reading Born to Run and feeling a Mexican connection with the Tarahuamara I am a huge fan of chia seeds. image thumb20 Come to Mama…Chia

Dinner was a stir fry with lean turkey I found on manager’s special (I’m good at that game). I mixed it up with a homemade peanut sauce and TJ’s stir fry veggies.IMG 8167 800x533 thumb Come to Mama…Chia(I cooked up a batch of brown rice before my afternoon clients so we wouldn’t have to wait an hour for it.)

I garnished it with green onions and peanuts. That really made it!IMG 8171 800x533 thumb Come to Mama…Chia

I’m thinking either a batch of no bake cookies or a bowl of PB Puffins for dessert…

PS – There’s a contest going on at Mamavation for the healthiest tweeps. It’s a popularity contest, but since I was chubby in high school I’d appreciate the chance to be popular  for once. Thanks.


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    Stir fry looks delicious! Love peanut sauces… Have you tried the boil-in-bag brown rice by Success? It takes 10 minutes to cook= time saver :) P.S. I’m a Puffins fanatic, eat them by the spoonful [aka handful]!

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      I really like it! It’s sweet, but has a lot of chia seeds in it. They are very “jelly”, but I like that. Actually, I like when they get stuck in my teeth. I’m weird.

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    I saw those at Whole Foods yesterday and almost bought every flavor! They looked SO good… but after thinking it out they seemed like they would be too sweet? I ended up not buying any… I guess I am an all or nothing kind of gal haha

    Still going to try them at some point :-)

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