Selective Memory

Since I posted my September goals earlier I completely missed posting lunch. I ended up getting to the gym for a strength workout! (Proud of that.) On the way home I stopped by the store because I love dirty grapes.IMG 8401 800x600 thumb Selective Memory

I made a big salad for lunch – this time topped with black bean burger, chickpeas and cashews. This might be my new favorite thing.IMG 8405 800x600 800x600 thumb Selective Memory

Then, I worked it up until about 2pm when I needed a snack… I think I like the pineapple flavor better.IMG 8409 800x600 thumb Selective Memory

Apparently I ate this at some point today. I have selective memory about food, ex-boyfriends and words my mom taught me never to say.IMG 8460 800x533 thumb Selective Memory

I LOVE green bean fries (mostly because they are a vehicle for my favorite condiment)! Normally I cook them in a pan with 21 seasoning salute. Today I tried to roast them.IMG 8434 800x533 thumb Selective Memory

I sprayed them with olive oil and sprinkled a ton of seasoning.IMG 8438 800x533 thumb Selective Memory

The final product covered with ketchup…IMG 8447 800x533 thumb Selective Memory

Nope. Not as good as the pan “fried” version. This sucks because it’s easier to roast them, but that’s the only way they taste like real fries.IMG 8441 800x533 thumb Selective Memory

I don’t know if this is embarrassing or genius, but Ben and I asked to buy a jar of that amazing Aji Verde sauce from last night. I guess they sell it a lot and it was only $3.95 for a container! Sold! I ate some with bread too.IMG 8453 800x533 thumb Selective Memory

Here’s a recipe for the green sauce if you’re curious. It has jalapenos, cilantro and mayonnaise.

Today was super carb filled, and that only made me want more. I made a protein shake with more carbs for my last meal of the day.IMG 8457 800x533 thumb Selective Memory

I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow for another round of foot stuff and results from my blood test. For those that asked, yes my foot hurts and actually feels like it’s getting worse?! I’ll let ya know how it goes.

See ya later!


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    That looks like a fantastic salad combo– lots of crunch and chew! I never realized you pan fried them usually– I always roast them but now that I know that pan frying makes them more like fries, I’m going to try it!

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    Good luck at your doctor’s appointment! Hope all of the results come back negative and normal! P.S. In a bind, I love dirty grapes too- a little dirt don’t hurt!

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    I love green bean fries. They’re so so good.

    Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods, but I have a hard time with the reddish potatoes (yams?) and tend to like the flavor of the more yellow ones. Have you noticed a taste difference or do you only eat the one kind?

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    Green bean fries rock, especially with mustard. Although I have never had them any other way, but roasted. I’ll have to try your method if they taste better that way!

    Hope your doc appt goes well.

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    Just checked out your blog b/c of you guest post on hungry runner girl. I can’t believe you are eating a fiber one bar! I bought those a week or so ago because they were next to the cash register and looked chocolate-y. Those things should have a warning label: if you actually eat fiber (whole grains, veggies, and fruits) these will make you sick! Apparently they worked out better for you. LOL

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