New Running Sunglasses

I took a melatonin last night hoping I would crash hard and wake up feeling great, but NOPE. I still feel a little sick. My throat doesn’t hurt anymore, but now I have a lot of mocos. I’m hoping it’s all getting flushed out and I’ll be 100% by tomorrow.

The marathon is Sunday, so I have a few days to get better. But, at this point I’m getting very stressed about it. Ugh.

Luckily it’s taper week so I barely have any miles to put in. I did 3 miles today and gave my new sunglasses a spin run. BTB Sunglasses contacted me recently and offered to send me a pair of their eyeball covers for free.IMG_0148 (800x600)

I always were sunglasses to run (unless it’s dark hello) so I was super excited to test out a new pair. You know how sometimes sunglasses distort things? Well, these don’t – that’s especially helpful when you have to watch your step around curbs and puddles while running. Not that they are ever puddles in SoCal, but maybe the rest of you would find that handy.IMG_0141 (800x600)

3 miles done. Nothing fab to report.IMG_0149 (800x600)

This complete breakfast = Eggs, cereal and OJ – I am trying to drink up as much vitaman C as I can get and brought 2 jugs of orange juice yesterday. I should have bought 2 more boxes of cereal the way I refilled my bowl 3 times…  IMG_0151 (800x600)You know how they have unlimited refills of coffee at diners? Well, I have that at my house, but with cereal.

Monday Mini-Goals for 10/3/2011

1. Get 8 hours of sleep every night.

2. Stretch, relax, stay calm. Positive Thoughts Smile 

3. Catch up on emails. Finish organizing POTM stuff.

Question: Got any Monday Mini-Goals to share?

Anything cool happen this weekend? (I was sick and boring, so please share.)

In case you’re just catching up… October 2011 is going to be a crazy month!

And I had a real hamburger!!


  1. says

    Ugh, I hate melatonin. I always feel so much worse after taking it. Then I looked up the side effects and apparently other people have had the same problem of feeling like poo the next day. Not for me!

    I don’t think I could wear sunglasses while working out. I’m sure my eyes would greatly appreciate it, but my face sweats like crazy. I hate wearing my sunglasses on the ride home from the gym even. I keep my towel on the passenger seat so I can easily wipe away the sweat, but while outside? I don’t know if I’d go crazy or not. Well you know, crazy-ER.

  2. shannon says

    Try the Netty Pot, 3-4 times a day works wonders. Also Mucinex works to break up the mucus.

    Also drink Ginger in hot water, with fresh lemon and a dash of Cayenne pepper. you will recover in days.

    if yur teeth hurt and you bend your head forward and then back it is most likely a sinus infection, then go to the doc.
    Try it, let me know if it helps.

  3. says

    Hey girl! Love your blog :) I hope you feel better and I hope you rock the marathon on Sunday (I’m sure you will)! I have a half on Sunday and it’s my first!!!

    My goals for this week are to~
    1. Finish my last long run before the half
    2. Stretch a TON (I’m bad at this)
    3. Limit spending at Whole Foods
    4. Have a glass of vino tonight… and relax!

    Have a great rest of the day!!!!

  4. says

    I like to chug-a-lug the juice when I’m sick too, thankfully mine is getting better but I think I better pack a whole box of tissue on Sunday for the half-marathon!

    My mini-goals are race oriented: hydrate, rest, stop stressing about the race, eat well, etc. I still can’t believe that I will be running my first half in 6 days! I hope you feel better for Sunday :)

  5. says

    You stay positive lady and the marathon will go better than great! I know you’re going to do well!

    and nothing too exciting this weekend, except that i now have like, 10lbs of apples on my kitchen table. tasty.

  6. says

    Inspirational story. I was sick like death the week before the surf city half last year.

    I ran it anyways (was on the mend) and did much better than I expected. So…moral of story: You will kick butt in your race as well.

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