Five Fun Food Stuffs

enjoy your food Five Fun Food Stuffs


1. Since breakfast is the most important and most delicious meal of the day…  50 of the Best Breakfasts Around the World

image thumb13 Five Fun Food Stuffs

2. Orange County based Lime Truck won the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. Go OC Go!image thumb14 Five Fun Food Stuffs

3. Restaurant in New York serves vegetarians and meat eaters their preference – but it looks exactly the same! (From NPR)image thumb15 Five Fun Food Stuffs

4. Worried someone will get into your Ben and Jerry’s?! Get one of these locks! (Can’t find image source, please advise.)ben and jerrys lock thumb Five Fun Food Stuffs

5. My afternoon snack wasn’t my favorite. Thanks for the suggestions, but I’m going to keep shopping around… I want something I don’t have to cook, is satisfying and will keep me full until 7pm.IMG 0548 thumb Five Fun Food Stuffs

On the up side, I’ve been getting onion rings so much lately (twice in one week!) I have a few extra containers of “real ranch” dressing. I would dip anything and everything in that stuff wlEmoticon winkingsmile11 Five Fun Food StuffsIMG 0552 thumb Five Fun Food Stuffs

See ya later wlEmoticon smile13 Five Fun Food Stuffs


  1. kayleigh says

    oh my goodness i want that ice cream lock! looks like you can get it in the store on the ben and jerry’s website.

  2. Kellie says

    Eat 2% fage. If I eat that with some kind of carb, the snack keeps me going until dinner. If I eat the 0% it doesn’t have staying power.

  3. Elizabeth says

    For my afternoon snack I like to take a piece of whole wheat toast and spread some hummus (thick:) on it! The fiber and protein really keep me full!

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