Bachelorette Party Cruise

Hello from Ensenada, Mexico!!!

Yesterday I boarded a cruise ship for my friend Susan’s Bachelorette Party.IMG_0573 (800x600)

It’s a short three day cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada and back. We left Friday afternoon and will get home Monday morning. Ben dropped me off at the Port of Long Beach around 2pm yesterday. I miss him already <3IMG_0571 (800x600)

We were greeted with strawberries and champagne! It felt so fancy! IMG_0582 (600x800)

IMG_0581 (800x600)

I do have one tiny complaint about this cruise though, Carnival’s choice of décor is slightly offensive…IMG_0613 (600x800)Shortly after settling in we headed to the safety drill. We totally paid attention and did not discuss Most Eligible Dallas Winking smile (Did you hear Matt is dating a RHWOBH?!) IMG_0584 (800x600)

Then, we explored the ship. It is a lot cooler than I expected. We’ll see if I brave the pool…IMG_0593 (800x600)

IMG_0597 (800x600)

IMG_0598 (800x600)

Around 5pm I was HUNGRY, but dinner was far off (any time I have to wait more than 5 minutes to eat is far off). Anyways, we got pizza.IMG_0600 (800x600)

I also put together a mish-mosh of hot dog toppings – grilled onions, mushrooms, cole slaw, salsa and potato salad – hold the hot dog Winking smile

IMG_0601 (800x600)

Finally, it was time to get ready for dinner and dancing! We warmed up a bit Winking smileIMG_0608 (800x600)

Yes, I wear this dress every time I go out. Yes, I own more than one dress. But, I don’t own more than one dress I feel confident in, so this is what you have to look at. Again.IMG_0609 (800x600)

Luckily, my friends don’t mind I always wear the same thing. They say it helps keep track of me.IMG_0610 (800x600)

Dinner should always start with bread or chips… sometimes both.IMG_0617 (800x600)

I ordered the pumpkin squash and cheddar pot pie. I was beautiful and tasted amazing. Ah-mazing.IMG_0622 (800x600)

It came with a side of polenta. Apparently the chef thinks I’m still carb loading because that’s all this meal was! Luckily, I also think I’m still carb loading (any word on what marathon I should do next so I don’t have to stop?).

IMG_0623 (800x600)

I’ve been on this cruise before so I know you MUST order the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake for dessert. IMG_0634 (800x600)

We went back to the room after dinner to play a few reindeer bachelorette party games.IMG_0641 (600x800)

cruise bachelorette party

I love going out to dance, but rarely do it Sad smile I was super excited to get out and move to the music.IMG_0646 (800x600)

And I wasn’t the only one excited about dancing…IMG_0649 (800x600)

The rest of the night is blurry. I think there was vodka, mid-night pizza and a few blisters involved. But I cannot confirm Winking smile

THIS is why Susan and I are friends – we went to sleep drunk after 3am last night and woke up this morning to run on the track.IMG_0653 (800x600)

We didn’t get too crazy with it, but it felt good to get out.IMG_0656 (600x800)

We also checked out the gym for some ab work.IMG_0660 (800x600)

By this time I was starving and attacked the breakfast buffet. IMG_0665 (800x600)IMG_0668 (600x800)

I piled on oatmeal with toppings, eggs, fruit, piece of a cinnamon roll and two boxes of cereal. IMG_0671 (800x600)

Now we are getting ready to explore Ensenada for the day. Anyone want me to bring them back a sombrero?IMG_0654 (800x600)

See ya in a bit!


  1. says

    I have to say it–you look amazing! I hope you realize how confident you should feel (not that confidence should hinge on how you look, but ya know what I mean)!!

    Also, I was SO confused at first when you commented about thinking Carnival’s decor is offensive. I’ve been on a Carnival cruise & was like “wait, what?? I don’t remember seeing anything like that!” but then I realized it was sarcasm. Silly me..

  2. says

    I think you rock that dress! I’d wear it over and over again too.

    I love dancing, probably specifically because I can’t do it. I’m really good at acting like I do, although I’m sure everyone is on to me 😉 Have a great time!

  3. says

    A bachlorette on a cruise sounds like so much fun!
    All the best characters always wear the same outfit, Waldo, daria, Lisa Simpson & Cathy come to mind, but there are definitely more! It’s your trademark dress :)

  4. says

    Sooo funny that you mentioned Most Eligible Dallas. I work at the production company that does that show so it’s weird to see it on a blog that I read. Wow. My worlds are coming together.

  5. says

    Woah this blog is great i love reading your articles. Keep up the great work! You know, lots of people are looking around for this info, you could aid them greatly.

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