Skinny Runner Runs and Eats

Remember this summer when I gained 7 pounds from eating fro-yo all the time and my blogger friends like Skinny Runner didn’t gain an ounce?! Well, after I wrote obscene things about her on the Yogurtland walls I had to beg her to re-friend me and write a guest post.bloggers at yogurtland

Today my SoCal peep Skinny Runner is sharing her running secrets. Kinda.skinny runner

1. Where is your favorite place to run?

From the police.

Actually my favorite place to run is probably a 10 mile loop nearby called the Back Bay Loop in Newport Beach.  I like to pretend I’m rich and can afford to live there but I choose to live in the ghetto.  Life’s all about choices, right?dscn4220_thumb

2. What is your favorite thing to eat after you run?

This is very lame in a healthy eater sort of way, but a salad.  always.  No matter what time I finish a run, especially a long one, I always want a cold, salty salad even at 9am.  Yes, I consider it one of the luckiest things ever right behind winning the mega-millions that I crave salad instead of pretty much anything else.

The more salt, the better.  We’re talking pickles, olives, sauerkraut, feta cheese, weird stuff but not as weird as Monica’s salad.  Let’s be honest: nothing tops those psycho creations. dscn4226_thumb

(This salad has smoked salmon, pickled beets, pickles, feta cheese, feta dressing and apples.)

3. What is your favorite piece of running gear?

I’m really tempted to say my sports bra, but black eyes aren’t that bad… and the main reason why undereye concealer was invented.  So I’m going with my garmin 405 watch.  I’d like to think I’m generally normal, but I go garmin-crazy: I have to have it on for every run.

4. Name the #1 race you dream of running…

The Amazing Race.  like on tv.  Wait, the tv adds 10 pounds, you say?!  Forget that then; no how, no way.

I’d love to do a big international marathon like London, Berlin or Edinburgh although I’m not 100% sure where that is….

5. Which race that you’ve ran is your favorite?

That’s hard to say because there’s a couple marathons that are very special to me for personal reasons (see, I’m not a dude; I have feelings), but as far as actual races, the NYC Marathon last year was pretty insane.  I ran by a reality tv star and met Damien and Nicole from the 7th season of The Biggest Loser.  Oh yeah, and did that whole running a marathon thing.

I’m beyond excited for NYCM this year, but if I don’t see someone famous like Alicia Keys singing that New York song out on the sidewalk in front of a hot dog cart or all 4 of the Sex and the City girls having cosmos together at the Statue of Liberty, I’m gonna be really mad.049_thumb1

6. What is your favorite song to run to?

I actually prefer running without music unless I’m in a race, and then I try to wait until the second half of the race to turn it on.  It took me a long time to get to the point where I could run music-less without wanting to trip every person I ran by out of sheer boredom, but now I enjoy the quiet.  Plus, I get to talk to myself more in the third person.  Like that’s not weird.

Thanks Skinny Runner! Keep being skinny or you can just stand by me in pictures and look skinny. And running.

See you at Yogurtland when I get back!

Question #2. What is your favorite thing to eat after you run?


  1. Aleks says

    I normally run in the evening so I tend to eat dinner right after, which is often grilled salmon, a chicken wrap or a salad. But since yesterday was a Sunday and I had brunch plans afterwards, I ran in the morning. So post-run food was huevos rancheros with home fries + 2 mimosas. It hit the spot :).

  2. says

    I love to cook eggs after a run. If it was a particularly difficult/long run, I’ll go all out and make an omelet. This directly relates to the fact that I do all my runs in the morning, so I’m always craving breakfast food.

  3. CapeCod_Runner says

    Post-long run I enjoy having an egg white omelet with salsa, a few pieces of dark chocolate, and if it’s chilly I also have a Chai latte to warm me up.

  4. says

    True story – when I’m running downtown and there are traffic helicopters overhead, I pretend that I am a fugitive running from the police.

    Favorite post run food – anything breakfasty. French toast, waffles, an omelette…

  5. says

    awesome post! Gonna hafta check out your blog! :)
    My favorite thing to eat after running is a smoothie…I make them with frozen berries, fresh spinach, and a little greek yogurt with some OJ…nice and cool and soothing!

  6. says

    Run from the police…haha. Good one. Another so cal friend. But I am in the IE. Since you mention sports bra…who make a good one?

    What do I crave…. Oatmeal and Yogurt with fruit. Oh ya, and an Iced Coffee. I’m an iced coffee junkie like Monica. 😉

  7. andrea says

    post long run – sesame seed bagel toasted with egg whites and cheddar.
    post regular run – fruit, cottage cheese and granola (and lately canned pumpkin mixed in!)

  8. says

    Odd as it may be, I’m with SR–I love a protein-packed salad after a long run! Yesterday, I enjoyed a salad with romaine, grilled chicken, avocado, salsa, and black beans after my 11-miler. I usually don’t get very hungry until the day after a long run, at which point even my thumbs look tempting. But on the day of, I always go for a salad.

  9. says

    Grapes and cheese … what could be better … water and if on hand … a non-ripe banana!

    Oddly, I am and have always been a NO music run kind of girl. When I started running I used to count the minutes by the songs I had listened. By the time I enjoyed running … the music was more like an annoyance to me … I still cannot believe it … but it is true … no music for me!

  10. Dean says

    I’ve just discovered Skinny Runner (and you) and I love her sense of humor.

    I used to run Back Bay when I lived in Costa Mesa. Now I’m out in the burbs and don’t get to run anything quite as scenic very often.

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