The Small Fork Myth

I am having a hungry day. I realized this early and decided to have a healthy, protein filled snack mid-morning – turkey roll ups with hummus. But, that didn’t do much. So, I polished off this bag of mango and called it a day (wouldn’t get this stuff again).freese dried mango

I had a meeting at noon so I packed my lunch to eat on the way. It was an egg salad sandwich, carrots, apple and a bar for my car smells like farts

I planned on eating after the meeting up that didn’t happen. It was good while it lasted Winking smileeating an apple in the car

So, what’s this meeting all about?

I got another part time job. My hours at the gym have changed and it’s mostly evenings lately. So, this gave me some free time for extra work. I will be working in the recruiting field again (what I did to put myself through college).

Regarding RER – I will maintain my current, mediocre level of blogging for all of you who need something to read on your breaks from work and/or school as I’ll be working from home 96% of the time. This is good because I’d hate to be more than 5 feet away from my kitchen for any length of time (sarcasm). IMG_2048 (600x800)

Anyways, my hungry day continued when I got home and before I made a yummy snack I chopped up a BIG salad to help fill my belly. But, instead of reaching for “my” fork (the smaller one I always use) I grabbed a BIG one. fork you

Last week at the Dole Healthy Lifestyle Blog Summit we discussed a study that claims diners who used BIGGER forks ate less. That goes against the theory many of us had that small forks and spoons make you eat less automatically. *This study was based on restaurant diners not at home, so there’s that.

You read more here – Restaurant Diners who use Big forks eat less

Thoughts? Do you use a small or big utensil to eat?


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    We talk about this often in our household. I use all small utensils–especially small spoons!–and I hate using large utensils. My fiance, on the other hand, claims that small spoons don’t allow for large enough bites and he only uses big utensils. I maintain that the big spoons are just TOO big and unwieldy. Small spoons all the way!

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    this is so interesting. i think i use a medium-sized utensil so i guess i have a problem either way 😉 haha! it just kinda sounds overwhelming to me to use a huge utensil! i was sad to hear about the dried mango not being good…i have not had that brand but been loving my dried mango fruit as a snack lately :) hope you have a good afternoon!

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    I try to use smaller bowls and plates because I have issues with PORTION sizes. If a bowl is big I tend to put more food in it….

    I’ve been hungry all day too. Grrrr

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    That’s so crazy. I have always used little utensils. Whenever I go out to a restaurant and use a giant utensil, I end up eating way more than I do if I use a smaller one. I feel like that’s because using a smaller one, you take smaller bites, and thus you take longer to eat, and are able to realize you are full before you over-eat. I think those restaurant customers from the study must have been abnormal haha.

    And I have been ravenous this week. I’m blaming the time change too. One more reason to hate daylight savings time.

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    While I don’t like using or know if bigger forks cause people to eat less (probably cuz big forks are to hard to use and users get frustrated at trying to eat with them – experience w/hard to use forks, here)… I do believe in eating from a 9″ plate as compared to the normal 12″ plate. No, this doesn’t mean you can stack your food to make do. LOL.

    Well even on your hungry day… its pretty darn healthy!

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    Interesting about the forks, I wouldn’t have guessed that. You should try the dried unsweetened mangoes at TJs! I haven’t tried the freeze dried kind in the picture, but I loved the other kind – ate them like candy. I can’t wait to move back to a city with a Trader Joe’s!

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    I always use a tiny fork and spoon to eat my food, but I always feel like I’m eating a ton, which is great since I’m such a volume eater, but I don’t feel like I’m overeating at all.

    I’m so bad at packing my lunch too. If I pack something, I want to eat it right away.

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    I wish smaller utensils made me eat less…I just use them because I think they are more dainty (yeah right) at the very least it still APPEARS I am eating less than Travis with his big ol manly forks…hehehe

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    I despise large silverware. Whenever I go to a fancy restaurant with heavy-duty “quality” silverware I feel like I’m literally shoveling food in my mouth. I’ve always loved little utensils, when I was younger I ate with those teeny, tiny shellfish forks (at least that’s what we called ’em). Not because it made me eat slower (it didn’t), but because I don’t like large utensils:)

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    I promise I’m not a creep but I feel really compelled to tell you what beautiful eyes you have! look at those long lashes! What kind of mascara do you use?

  11. Megan says

    Just gotta comment to say a) so glad you’ll still be blogging! Love it here. It’s like looking in a mirror (except you have more self control and much bigger eyes) b) you look awesome!!! For real. Don’t stress too much about being “snacky” because this looks like a damn good day. And I’ve been reading your blog for a while so I can encourage you to look at how far you’ve come :) c) love egg salad. Really good call. If I had eggs I would totally be boiling ’em up right now! Sorry for the novel!!

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    Definitely smaller spoons/forks for me. I’m petite and my hands are small. Plus it makes me able to “prolong” my meal times, savour my food etc.

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    I honestly dont believe in the fork thing. If i have a smaller fork, im just gonna take more quicker bites. If i have a bigger fork it will just be less bigger bites. But in the end, my tummys gonna get as much as its wanting at the time.

  14. Lindsay says

    Yeah, that theory threw me off. I guess I figured the small plate and small fork theory would work together. Who knew! I just find it uncomfortable sticking a big one in my mouth (TWSS). And I just have to say, you look REALLY pretty in the above pics! Your makeup looks great!

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    Such an interesting theory! I only eat soup with a small spoon and most of my meals are on a smaller plate to portion control my meals!!!

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    I have to use a smaller fork. I have been known to stab the inside of my mouth with larger forks. I actually will bring my own fork while on vacation just in case I feel like eating something without injuring myself. lol

    I’m pretty sure I do just fine as long as I’m paying attention to what and how I’m eating. I doubt the fork does me in.

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    We need to chat!!!!

    I think the size of the utensil would just determine how much I shove in my mouth at once, not how much I eat overall… Bigger fork/spoon = bigger mouthful!

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    I almost always use a small fork, but not for any particular portion-control reason. It’s just a habit. Whenever I set the dining room table, I get 3 big forks for my family members and 1 small fork for myself. Maybe it’s just a comfort thing from using a small fork when I was a kid? Who knows!

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