Must Eats in the OC

This morning I made some hardboiled eggs and forgot about them, so I had to “check one” to see if it was good. It was SmileIMG_5194 (800x600)

Then, I hit the gym for a strength session. I didn’t feel challenged on the leg moves, but felt like it was too hard on the arms. Needs tweaking. I was timing myself to see how long I was at the gym, but it took longer since a few people were chatting with me. IMG_5195 (600x800)

Lunch was a Manager’s Special find – I’m good at that game.IMG_5199 (800x600)

I added some chicken and went at it. This is a party sized bag, but I’ll probably polish off the rest by dinner.IMG_5201 (800x600)

The Tinkerbell Half Marathon is this weekend and I know a lot of you are coming in from out of town. So when I got an email from reader Bre asking for a Diners Drive-ins and Dives kinda place to eat near Disneyland I got to work eating researching!

The closest famous kinda place is Paul’s Place in Fountain Valley. Here is the Yelp link for address and reviews.

Ben and I tried the Gaffey Street Diner in San Pedro (that’s technically in L.A. County, but it’s not like crossing party state lines). It’s a bit of a long drive, but it’s in a pretty area through Long Beach, over a bridge and near the water. gaffey street diner biscuit

The Seabirds Truck is a famous vegan food truck. It’s actually featured in my Zumba magazine this month!IMG_5221 (800x533)

One of my clients (who is not vegan) swears by their jackfruit tacos. This is on my personal “MUST EAT” list and should be on yours if you’re in the area.

Since it’s a food truck you have to find them! Here is the Seabirds Schedule

Finally, this place is on Ben’s “Must Eat” list for this weekend – The Travel Channel featured Slater’s 50 50 which is in Anaheim (read: down the road from D-land) a while back and I’ve heard a lot of people rave about it. This is a burger place called 50/50 because the burgers are 50% beef 50% BACON.

And for the fry lover in you they have Sweet Potato Fries with Pumpkin Sauce. image

Well, I have to cut this post short because I have as I have some sweet fries to find…

Question: Got any OC “must eat” suggestions?

And you guys are all invited to my house for bucket salads and fro-yo…


  1. says

    That 50/50 burger sounds soooo good.

    I used to work in the OC (commuting from LA, wtf). If you want Asian food, go to Westminster. Also, one of my fave restaurants, serves raw, cooked, meat, etc. is in Fountain Valley (Au Lac).

  2. says

    Slater’s 50/50 is definitely delish! it’s a bit of a trek from disneyland cause it’s near Anaheim Hills but not too bad.

    Paul’s Coffee Shop is also yum – but it is in Fountain Valley not Buena Park! I grew up in FV so I went to Paul’s a few times :)

    Other good food places near-ish the Disney area are Bruxie Waffles in Orange (best waffles sandwiches ever), Habit Burger Grill is another good burger joint, and Downtown Disney even has some decent eats that aren’t crazy expensive.

  3. says

    Original pancake house (Anaheim), Blake’s Place (Anaheim), Native Foods (Tustin), IN N OUT, Mrs. Knotts Chicken (Buena Park), The Gypsy Den (Santa Ana)…. I like to eat.

    • says

      Oh nice! That sounds good! I got thrown off bc the video/yelp link is of Paul’s Coffee shop which is in Fountain Valley. I’ll have to try this Paul’s Place in Buena Park though!

      Good call on the Gypsy Den- love the food there

  4. says

    My sister and I went on a road trip from LA to San Diego last March with a day stop in Disneyland (first time for either of us, and we’re in our twenties!) and we found Polly’s Pies somewhere between Anaheim and Yorba Linda. AMAZING. I had the avocado and friends sandwich, and the fact that I’m still thinking about it says it all.

    Moral of the story = eat where the old people eat. They know where it’s cheap and delicious.

  5. says

    Oh goodness! I love Rutabegorz which is located in Fullerton, Downtown Orange and Tustin and there food is soooo freaking good! That’s about all I have for OC…I have more for SD now that I think of it! Hah!

  6. says

    It’s in Long Beach, but the Potholder Cafe serves an 18 inch pancake and two eggs and bacon- you have to eat the whole thing but you get a free t-shirt! Yes, I’ve done it :)

    I can’t believe I’ve lived in Orange County my whole life and I’ve never heard of a place that serves SP fries and pumpkin sauce. I must go there immediately!

  7. Floey says

    85 degree bakery in Irvine (I forget the street =/) for yummy asian bread dessert type thingys 😛 Their taro bun is the best!

  8. says

    A co-worker turned me on to Au Lac in Fountain Valley when I worked in Costa Mesa…she was bat-sh*t nuts about being raw, but the food (especially the raw chips and salsa) made up for listening to her waxing poetic about kale for hours on end…

  9. says

    out of all those delicious places you talked about…your hard boiled egg looked the best for some reason haha…that sounds so good right now! i really suck at making hard boiled eggs..but ill try again!

  10. says

    A 50/50 burger sounds like a mans dream served up on a plate! With a side of jazzed up fries… All they need to do is add in a free fro-yo cone at the end and all us ladies would be happy too ;P

  11. Brittany says

    My OC must eats are Jan’s Health Bar in Huntington Beach (get the Surfer Special with the tuna and avocado sandwich and a side of broccoli cheese soup – it’s so amazing!!!) and Basillco’s in Huntington Beach for Italian food. I also love George’s Greek in Long Beach. Oh and Schooner or Later in Belmont Shore. I miss those places :)

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