Free Breakfast

Good Morning! Ben and I started our day with a nice little walk around our hotel. I like the desert – cool crisp mornings, warm days, IMG 6365 800x600 thumb Free Breakfast

and weird trees wlEmoticon smile13 Free BreakfastIMG 6366 600x800 thumb Free Breakfast

We worked up an appetite and hit the hotel’s complimentary breakfast as soon as we got back. Hotel breakfasts are impressive these days! There was a waffle maker, oatmeal, many bread options, yogurt, juice, coffee, fruit and cereal. IMG 6368 800x600 thumb Free Breakfast

Ben hit up the waffle bar and I started with oatmeal. I love oatmeal made in bulk for some reason.IMG 6369 800x600 thumb Free Breakfast

I topped the oats with a little sugar, cereal and PBIMG 6375 800x600 thumb Free Breakfast

I paired it with an egg for protein staying power and a little more granola and fruit. IMG 6372 800x600 thumb Free Breakfast

My feast (I got full so I’m saving the apple for later).IMG 6370 800x600 thumb Free Breakfast

And I scored a bite of Ben’s waffle.IMG 6377 800x600 thumb Free Breakfast

Now we’re hitting up the race expo and exploring Phoenix! See ya later!


  1. Jess says

    I was in Scottsdale last month and loved it! We ate at the Herb Box in Scottsdale – I would definitely recommend it. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Dynamics says

    Is that hotel in the parking lot of a shopping center? If you get a chance you should stop at the Ostrich farm. OMG, they have the most beautiful birds and and fun. Only 5 bucks to get in.

  3. says

    I love bulk oatmeal too!! It could possibly be why I have four kids now. Bulk oatmeal all the time. hahaha
    Good luck tomorrow!! I will be down there cheering you all on!

  4. Katie M. says

    My cousin owed me for setting him up with the awesomest girl ever (they ended up marrying) and said he’d give me ANYTHING I wanted in return. So I asked for a button that would make pancakes appear out of thin air. He never delivered. But Holiday Inn Express did. We went down for free breakfast in the AM and they had a pancake machine. You set your plate on one end and push a button and 30 seconds later a pancake falls on your plate. I couldn’t fit it in my luggage or it would’ve been mine.

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