Sunday Power Hour

We’re finally home! IMG_6548 (800x600)

Ben drove the first leg of the trip while I read more of Mile Posts. I am in love with this book and read parts out loud to my driver when I was particularly moved Smile IMG_6551 (600x800)I love one “Post” where Armstrong says you can’t be a good runner without running a few bad races, and another about body image.IMG_6294 (600x800)

Then, we switched and Ben took a little napIMG_6555 (800x600)

Since I was the driver I picked the perfect pit stop on the way home – Rite Aid with Thrifty’s Ice Cream! Remember, I was just talking about this the other day? Ben has never experienced the tall cones!IMG_6563 (800x600)

We shared a coconut pineapple and mint n’ chip (specifically on the bottom for maximum savoring).thifty's ice cream cone

It totally took me back to happy childhood memories.IMG_6566 (800x600)

We made a super quick stop for some fruit on the way home, but were too tired to do any extensive shopping. 

I resorted to a frozen dinner with broccoli and asparagus for dinner.IMG_6571 (800x600)

Back when Ben and I were dating we would grab take out and cuddle on the couch after a road trip. We were too busy with love to worry about groceries or clean clothes (sorry co-workers).

I remembered that on the way home and decided not to be too responsible this evening.

Right when we got home I did a Sunday Set Up “Power Hour”. I gave myself one hour to unpack clothes, do a load of laundry and get a little organized. Then, I had full permission to just relax with my guy for a bit before bed time.

After dinner Ben made me a White Mexican Russian of sorts – Kahlua, vodka and milk. Now I am feeling relaxed! IMG_6574 (800x600)

I’ll deal with workouts and meal planning tomorrow.

Here are my favorite internet searches that brought people to RER this week…

1. is it anything wrong with eating bread – Yes, it’’ll kill you so let me take it off your hands Winking smile

2. going from cough to 10 miles in 3 months – I don’t know if you should be running if you have a cough.

3. running to get over an ex – I guess it’s better than searching “running over your ex”.  (Check out my Get Over Your Ex Mix)

4. whats the point of drinking water – Not dying.

5. "why do people think chicken isn’t meat?"  – Don’t eat dinner at their house if you’re vegan!

6. my boyfriend eats all my food – Eat faster.


  1. Jaren says

    Totally unrelated to this post (WAIT! You did mention fruit once!) but I just wanted you to know I am teaching my 2 year old daughter to call blueberries ‘blubes’.

    So…basically…thanks for that. 😉

  2. says

    Sometimes I read out loud to my husband… only when he won’t stop talking. It’s my passive aggressive way of telling him to shut up. I have many more excellent marriage tips like these. I should write a book.

  3. Dynamics says

    OMG, I remember my mom getting burgundy cherry ice cream. Yuck!!! We were only allowed to get ONE scoop. I think I will take my mom there and relive some memories. Thanks Monica.

  4. says

    uh, my rite aid does NOT have ice cream like that! deb tried to take me to one while i was in LA but it never happened, now i am sad!

    welcome home. love you!

  5. says

    Ha! Janetha sent me here- yes I’m a Thrityicecreamholic and have a partially written post that talks about my undying love for it! Yesterday I had cherry chip as a change from my usual chocolate malted crunch- livin’ cuhrazy! :-)

  6. says

    That ice cream looks AMAZING! I need to go there someday! I also need to read that book Mile Posts, you’re not the first who has raved about it. And finally, HILARIOUS searches, I love it.

  7. Denise P. says

    My mom and I lived right next to a Thrifty’s (I still shudder to call it RiteAid) when I was little, her thing was chocolate malted crunch and mine was either mint and chip or sherbert or black cherry – I was versatile. I never understood why CMC was the only flavor she ever got – I’m now a chocolate malted crunch convert.

    Good idea about the 1 power hour – my race belt, bib and arm warmers are still in my car from my half on Sunday. I get soooo lazy after. (And I have Monday’s off so I really have no excuse – except that I am in the middle of moving right now.)

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