Toast to the Red Carpet Live

I attended the Toast To The Red Carpet Live event in Hollywood today. We didn’t hit any traffic so I arrived over an hour early! It was a little weird so I decided to walk up Sunset and get some coffee.IMG_6858 (533x800)

I didn’t end up getting coffee, but did enjoy the sights.IMG_6867 (533x800)

IMG_6868 (800x533)IMG_6946 (800x533)

The event was a 2 part-er. We started at the studio where the red carpet show was being filmed. It was only a few hours until they went live so the entire set was buzzing! IMG_6874 (800x533)

They let us invade the set. It was super bright!IMG_6900 (800x533)

Katie Lee and I were fighting not to blink for the pictures. It was like staring straight at the sun.IMG_6908 (800x533)

Brooke Burke, Carson Kressley and Molly Sims were hosting and met with us before the show. IMG_6921 (800x533)

They answered our questions and we dished about what they expected (or wanted) to see on the carpet.

Brooke Burke said shoes never get their moment to shine on the red carpet.

And Carson Kressley hadn’t even decided what he was going to wear yet!? He brought four different jackets and said he would decide last minute.

Molly Simms is 6 months pregnant and absolutely gorgeous.

They were all super nice and seemed like friends in real life Smile

We also met celebrity chef Katie Lee. She created five recipes inspired by the  Best Picture nominees. After hanging out at the set and meeting the hosts we headed to the W hotel to watch the live red carpet show.IMG_6881 (800x533)

I loved this bedazzled ICBINB carton and have decided sparkly butter is the best kind.IMG_6883 (800x533)

The stars enjoyed the food during the show and Katie Lee described each dish for them.IMG_6942 (533x800)

After fun on the set we hit up the hotel.IMG_6956 (532x800)

Our party moved in a very cool suite at the W IMG_6960 (800x533)

There was a little terrace right across from the Pantages TheaterIMG_6998 (532x800)

And I grabbed a drink. I love champagne! Seriously, I made good friends with the bartender and he kept my glass full SmileIMG_6982 (533x800)

Added bonus: The champagne was from Domain Chandon my favorite winery in Napa (because they have sparkling wine!) Oh, and Ben and I visited there when we were super drunk on love so I remember it very fondly.IMG_7035 (533x800)

“Toast” to the red carpet!IMG_6971 (800x533)

And now I present the five recipes created by Katie Lee.

Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes, inspired by “The Descendants”IMG_6957 (800x533)

Chili-Parmesan Popcorn and Peanuts inspired by “Moneyball”IMG_6962 (800x533)

Brie and Spicy Apple Chutney on Baguette Toasts inspired by “Midnight in Paris”IMG_6964 (800x533)

Unfried Chicken Skewers and Homemade BBQ Sauce inspired by “The Help”

(Katie Lee said she avoided making chocolate pie! Ha!)IMG_7000 (800x533)

Spotlight Cookies inspired by “The Artist”IMG_6969 (800x533)

By the time we got into the suite it was almost 3pm and I was HUNGRY. I started with a little bit of everything. IMG_7003 (800x533)

…aand went back for another chicken strip and fries. Numerous handfuls of popcorn were consumed too. Obviously.IMG_7012 (800x533)

I tried one cookie and one cupcake and then stuck to fruit. My grandma used to say you don’t have to keep Lenten promises on Sundays. I know she made that up, but we’re going by Grams’ Bible today folks. God Bless her little heart.)IMG_7022 (800x533)

More champagne, please.IMG_7025 (533x800)

We watched the Red Carpet shows while enjoying food, drinks and makeovers!IMG_7028 (800x533)

Make-up artist to the stars, Terri Apanasewicz, gave everyone a personal touch up and tips. (After our event she was headed to do Marisa Miller’s make-up for Oscar parties!!)IMG_7038 (800x533)

My dinner was kinda sad compared to the fanciness of my day. It was still good though! Leftover eggs with marinara and salad.IMG_7066 (800x533)

My new blogger friends:

· Fiona Chandra, Gourmet Pigs

· Lindsay Jones, Food Flirt

· Romy Schorr, Romy Raves

· Caryn Bailey, Rockin Mama

· Erika Kerekes, In Erika’s Kitchen

· Chrystal Baker, The Duo DishesIMG_7047 (800x533)

Now I’m watching the Oscars and sipping tea. Today was crazy! I’ll do Sunday set up tomorrow…


  1. jenn says

    Fun story – Katie Lee was one of my sorority sisters in college. She was a year older than me. Super nice girl – I always thought she looked like snow white. It was all the big gossip on campus when she started dating Billy Joel (when she was a senior in college). So scandalous!

  2. says

    Technically, your gram was right! You can indulge on Sundays because every Sunday is like a mini-Easter since we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection at Mass. If you count the days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, it’s actually something like 46 days because Sundays just don’t count :) I was far too young when I discovered this loophole and I remember one particular Lent that I gave up sweets and there was a Sunday potluck… it was dessert heaven for me! So I stopped giving up sweets since this loophole wasn’t helping me accomplish anything 😉 Your day sounds oh so glamorous and I’m glad you enjoyed every aspect!

  3. lorin says

    Did you ever announce if you were giving up anything for lent? It’s cool if you don’t want to in order to not put pressure on yourself, but I was just curious.

      • lorin says

        Oh okay. Yeah, I was just curious! I need to do that as well. I”ve been trying to give up baked goods but it’s hard when you are taking a bread and cereal science class where I actually bake different baked goods in the lab. It’s amatter of desire to lose the 5 lbs I’ve put on this past quarter and the delciousness of baked goods.

  4. J says

    Your grandmother did not ‘make that up’. The Lenten season, does observe the fact that every Sunday between Ash Wednesday and Easter be treated as a mini-Easter.

    Lent is to be 40 days, and if you count…between Ash Wednesday and Easter is 46 days.

    Some recognize that Sunday be forgiven, others do not. But again, your grandmother didn’t invent it.

  5. says

    how cool that you got to do that!
    also – I don’t follow the Sunday rule for Lent either, BUT technically Sundays aren’t included in the 40 days of Lent (because if you count them it’s over 40 days) so I guess that’s where the breaking the resolution thing comes from

  6. Kary says

    Hey, your grandma wasn’t lying. Our minister told us that the 40 days of Lent do NOT include Sundays (it would actually be 44 counting Easter if they did count). So, you didn’t cheat!

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  7. says

    My grandma said the same thing about Sundays and Lent. Apparently Sundays are not counted toward the “40 days” so she felt they didn’t count in terms of your promises. :)

  8. Pam says

    oh fun!! :) looks like you had a blast! all the food looks delish! I love Brook Burke and I think she has the best body in the business. esp. w/having 4 kiddos!!

  9. Jessica says

    OMG, you fit right in with all those famous people! And in the group shot at the bottom where most everyone else has darker hair and darker clothes, you are a breath of fresh air with your beautiful hair and dress that have some color!

  10. Geraldine says

    You look gorgeous in that pink dress! I’m off sweets for lent too but i know if I take Sunday off it’ll be even harder to stick to it so i’m trying to do the full 46days. I never realised how much I rely on sugary treats as a snack until I gave them up this year!

  11. says

    Such a cool event with so many parts! I would’ve been nervous meeting all those famous people!
    Did you learn any new makeup tips from the makeup artist? I’m in need of a good eye tutorial! (I love how you do yours BTW)

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