Subaru Shoot and Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Before I headed to the First Car Story shoot this morning I had an apple and tried to be productive. I’ve committed myself to a few out of town races and blog conferences on my own dime so I’ve been spending hours searching for good travel deals (note to self: find more money somewhere).IMG_8192 (800x533)

The Subaru shoot is for a webisode about my first car. It was at a house in Culver City (about 70 miles north) so I trekked it up there before lunch.

I got my make-up done and was briefed on the questions they would be asking me on camera.IMG_8222 (800x533)

Then, it was time for lunch! Not too shabby. I had pre-ordered a turkey sandwich and salad. The spread was from Champagne Bakery.IMG_8197 (800x533)IMG_8203 (800x532)

As I was eating the crusty baguette I remember how much I love bread. EVERYDAY Winking smile I did pick out the Swiss cheese, not a fan.IMG_8199 (800x533)

(We’ll discuss the cookie below.)

Then, it was my turn! Everyone’s story was filmed in a different part of the house. Mine was shot in the kitchen. I tried to change it to a cooking slash car show, but they weren’t having it. Oh well. IMG_8193 (800x533)

My “Cooking with a Monican” show will happen one day…or not. Probably not.IMG_8211 (800x533)

They shot it from this angle though… (I wish my kitchen was this clean)IMG_8215 (800x532)

Aaaand action!IMG_8224 (800x533)IMG_8217 (800x532)

I’ve already mentioned it, but I am officially declaring that I am on the Search for the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie. I take this job very seriously and understand it will require a lot of time, effort and chocolate chip cookie consumption. Don’t worry, I can handle it.chocolate chip cookiechocolate chip cookie with drizzle

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Criteria:

One a scale from 1 to 5

Presentation: 4 – basic paper envelope.

Size: 5 – Perfect! Bigger than my palm, smaller than a dinner plate.

Thickness: 4 – Thick, but I want a little bit more of a bite to it.

Amount of Chips: 3 – It was packed with chips, but I like big chips not mini ones.

Overall Taste: 3.4 – Good, not too sweet but not hearty/chewy enough. A little too buttery (might have been the frosting).

Other: I didn’t like the white frosting drizzle on top. I might be a chocolate chip cookie purist with this one.thick shot

Champagne Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie Score: 3 out of 5 Chipschocolate-chip-cookiechocolate-chip-cookiechocolate-chip-cookie(source)

Okay, now I’m at my pit stop – my mom’s for a dog walk and then headed home! See ya later Smile

Question: Big chocolate chips or mini ones?


  1. says

    What was your first subaru? My first car was a 1993 subaru impreza. I loved it. I then owned a subaru outback. I am now on the hunt to trade in my truck for another subaru outback.

  2. says

    You had me at chocolate chip cookie! Mrs. Fields is one of my favorites. The smell alone is delicious. At least I can live off of just a whiff of the cookie…saves on calories! : )

  3. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen frosting on a chocolate chip cookie.. unless you count those big ones they try to pass off as birthday cakes. Those suck!

  4. Ida says

    Annie the baker’s dough balls are my favorite. they aren’t huge, but the cookies are thick and so yummy!

  5. says

    So jealous that you were in Culver City. My sister lives there, and I live in Alabama. Too many states in between us. Hope that got some great footage from the shoot!

  6. says

    Fun! Searching for the best cc cookie is a job I wanna have….except I wouldn’t fit out the door after ample research! I agree the icing just isn’t necessary.

    • lorin says

      I third levain bakery. I looked up a bunch of places to eat at before I went to New York and that was a must! They are huge and thick (TWSS).

  7. says

    Big obviously! I’d rather have to share it with someone than not feel satisfied.! also the bigger one’s have that crispy outside/mushy inside texture that I crave all the time.

    • says

      I don’t think I’ve tried Subway’s cookies yet! And they always ask me if I want to swap a cookie for chips when I get the combo. I say, “Yes, but I won’t…”

  8. Robin says

    If you are ever up in Santa Monica go get a chocolate chip cookie with fleur de sel from the M Street Kitchen bakery. They are soooooo good, big chunks of chocolate and the size is huge! (woops that sounded a little dirty).

  9. Beth B. says

    Time out. WHAT are those gigantic red platform shoes for in the background?!? Please tell me you got to wear those around the kitchen. HaHa :-)

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